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‘ What is thy eammmee's mle in tho eufmemenr mcrss’
’ V ;.,_ ,, Thu urc aeeme. whulhcr n \'n.»lauun n; the law nculrrcd and
,, " U; ;- a~»c~~cs whether a nmnulzuy hne, n nun—monctary pennhy or
: n combination of the lwnku: Mued for the n0n—cumphancc
" The PL'CO1~ ta~kcd wnh mmnulmcaung uh» dccmun and
W ‘ .n.unn,; me: any required docilmunlzmnn .. mbmlttcd, f1nc~
SAFETY k IRST! are collected nnd zhe m~uIl~ an rupomsd back to the UTC.
‘ y ‘ ‘ ,‘ Wlm ymmdns the nrv1'shg1zt1mx.7
Thu m\.c~tIgatmn )~ conductcd by rum nnrr a~ .1 “de-~k
audit " The cnmphnnnnn end the Rc~pundL‘nl arc to submit .1
/~<~ ~l:\u_'mL~n[ufKhu1I puunon along wnh any documentation xhey
, Kccl n rclcx ant. whue dun partIc~ are welcome to nttund the
' n1L‘L‘KIIIg.\(\\'hI(h are public, of ee.n.e>, there .. nn pmvmun my
ee.enneny during the meeting and dc:I~Inn~ arc bawcd ~ululy
-_:'_. W. , . _.~_\_ upnn the ey 1dcncc ~ubmmcd lhroulgh thc dc~k nudn.
N "" , " A IN Ham mrmy alleged vmlrmans have been rnparfcri siucr the
OW ELL GENCY C. prognzm was csfnblishnd’
wsemwr: 2 ms 1.; . H, _ x: E . 5:; .:yEC.‘§_. So far, fnItl1L~ycar2Ulf:, \vcarcIn n::c1p(ufmughly35—40
cama A low um dxd not mnfnrm In n Icgmnmlc complaint
a::urd1nglnlhcla\\* were tnmmunxcatcd, but not referred, to
Home Office: thv UTC
‘500 OK‘ FGFWVV Rd Wlmr/zrr your rlmughts nbnnnuhnznppem to be 11 um
an :1 n don, ms 39047 m4mLwr afvrporrcd nllegcri vmI11fim1s.7
°‘—’‘ ’’;’1-‘‘444 1 dunk there an xcvcral xen.nn~:
‘A ‘A e.-:.r mm >.: LJ"J’:7 V’, ye L LVN
' 1 Although thc unfurtcmcm prm.1~1()n> P:1~~L‘dlI]
Dcccmbcr 2014 end heenme uffccuvc In March 2015 thuy
.hd Imtbummc "active" nnm Izmuary mu-. The level of
:wy'e1runc~~tl1e1lwe1~ med dnnng that one _\/car ednennen
pcrmd .nw1.nge nnmher. nx mxkulmldcrs moving to
m~urc(hc1I 1.»rgaIuzz\tInn'> tmnplmncc wnh (ht law.
Vlany changed their mtumnl polxcxuw and nnnnng
m mmx to e. ucalc cm evee~ .1 out t1c1rm~ em. mv
p g 1 pl , b I p h 1 )
nnd accountability to zhe Inw
2 Uncurlmnly er thu unfnrccmcnt pmcc» ~pcc1f1:ally
- - ~ e._. : nnd hew u would pmcccd
, /  :31.’ 5 3 Okwmu~I_v, a learning curve tor all parllm
J -_ » W. we ,
 ~. ‘ 3 _['1_' iv . 4 hhmk, in .~nmc c:\.~.c~, a nmny contractor may not
,._~ 51' _ I-‘ *:rr: v whh to alienate n unmy who n aim a chant
’ Hum will the cIJ:mm'Hm' derenmne mlmthnr or not my program
is meessfulz
Our suctcm wm he ulumalcly mcmurcd hy a hnpcful
n e    ..  n.  n  rcdilcnon of Imhty Incxdcnh me: are defined wnhm the
. current 1nw n we 11avc|mc:\.~.c~ to hear bL‘ce1I|~c nu w gmng
s ' 4
_ ,, ~montl1ly, we will be happy
- '0 ». « -
.- Du _|/nu hm rm_l/fm/11 thoughts ar arivxrcfar mm mm who
fl‘ , c, m rrymg to rlrlnew a shaugrr mm mm effective drnmzgr
& J 5 prenenrian pvagv/zm’
 _ H V ‘ ‘    H   Whllu a difficult pn.»:L‘~>, we me: mrsc\'L~ral yeah :1‘ 1nlcrc~lcd
‘ pnme., trying to work out uhe ~pu:Ific~ that needed xeywmg
~n we hnd ruL1l|\'L~ agmumcnl prior to ultmg dnwn wnh zhe
888-882-8777 lcghlalulrc. we were :\I~u lucky me: we had clmn1pmn~ of
mfo@u(a5eay(h (om % WORKSMWEW our name m bath the Ohm 9cn:m_' nnd the Ohm Houm Thu
WWW Wa5ea,(,,_(om pmcu~~ dud prcvunl:\ny>1nglc ~lmn:hnldL~r mnn gutting all
or when xhey wnnxed but overall got us whn: we needed my n
~:\[ur cm. xmnmcnt. an
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