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the damage may be only 2| dn-tam mcmury. The party wnh me bcs'ldocumcnt.1l|un wxll mow‘! always have thc adv.1nlngc.Bc
muhml and pmsnnt (hr: ram. You do not nmd m be cnnccmud mm Ilsmg pmpcr legal terms to dmcnbc what your InvL‘~ug.1l|on
dmwered Iuat record 111:: inch m the but way you can and you mu always be ablc up cunfidcntly dcfcnd your mpoxt.
A pmpu InvL‘~ug.1tmn [allowed by Clea: and Conch: documentation 1. the kuy up e.mb1..hmg cxcd|b|l|ty wuh an mvolvcd.
Rcmcmbu m my fucuscd on findmg the came of the damage. When you do, {hcl|ab1hty1~sIIcs will lake mm of lhL‘m,~.clvL‘~. .
lllllll oama
ge Addves:/Locauon
IIIB # D mm,
W T Vtmmvy T
llanagemvestlgalimlleanlt “°“"°" “’ L
Dave Time
Date and time of damage m knuwnl
1. Damaged utility information D0 nu! mrwwexe upon fllazxhzy ‘S
U Aem D N01 flamaged E] Pnvdls U Nun Dunne! Cl Nul d.m.ged bv !xL.1v4|\un
|:| Commumcauons/CATV
2 Who]: domg me work?

III came ( D mm |j (upper) °'“'°a”"

|:|Dvop/Service 5Ub't°Wad°r-  

Emma‘ T M 9 V ‘ e
3 Lrxate vequest infmmation
[:1 Gas A. lsthere a valid Vocate request?
5' Veylwzkem
g No Mrm thetkane}
El Mam D No btale request
|j Sen/me D '"W‘‘*’ “(W T
5 mm the mmpany domgme workvequesnhellckefi Dyes D nu
D Em“ c marks are presentavexheyfurlhws wdeaxe yequesuexeavauem Eyes [3 no
4 On me facts lasuldate nhrvvextvgatmn)
III Pvimary A I I f d7
Dsemndw/seme . sctansany ocatovo vecor
gmmed back to umny (mnflvmalmn -n T
o n  
[:1 Watev/Sewer D ‘ °'
3 Avetheve mavksfordamagediacwlm/7 Eve; (um. um.) |:|Nd lgolnxeznauay
c Cundmon ufmarks D wgmyvmpue D vmpxe D raded
%f‘" D Are mzvks w\(hm1B' at me ia:\|\ty7
‘W5 D Yes
Size/Mal El Exeavamrmd not use approved memeu ua expose plan!
  D Damaged (Kurds one) exposed want exposing plam
.. D No
Uullty Represemauvecaman D Mavked of, mwmmemg
D Unlotaxalfle plant
Name T I] Lomlmg pmceduves/techniques
Phone T D Nnton site
2017, !ssue2 Mrssrssrpw 511 . 7

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