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ts been mete than a dead: stnee walt sad that was bccummg an hssue, Wlth hell» trrnn MM-s~rl>l>l ell
Hnmeane l<atnna devastated as the eenstnaetlen eenttaetets haa rePre~'ehtatrve Charlea Stallrnsar the
the Mtssusstppt Cull cnast, and to ~tup wetk and send pto.eets back Clty et Blloxl gathered ~'tal<ehralder~‘
the aftcr etteets er the storm to through the dcugn ptneess to avoid together te dneu~~' the Importance Of

undcxgmund mttastnuetnte ate ~nll dhtllrbmg these unantlclpamd uulllms. H-Wtdlnfltlns eftt-trt~ nnrenz dentzn
bung fclt by eentmnnlnes H) the tuna Eaeh unit the work ~toppcd, It east the ensrneera and leeal utrlrtIe~ and

D ‘M _ _ K Y _ (1 my deatly m contract pcnalucs and -denttty any Pntent-al ~nng> tn the

“‘ “"“‘l’l" °‘ 3 '“ ““"t‘ ‘° stretched out the tomtrumon nmelme er-at-nz Plnn~

mbulldmg of as uuhty lmes as an H

eppetn.nlty lo bung stakehnldets But those days am m the past, and the We Wanted to hrrng everybrady rnto
together and try a new approach tn the City has dmetent cxputlatlolw going the reorn and have them d|~e“~> a new
nsmmnlng rccuvcryarclatcd munlupal [oxwaxd laroeednre to trrllew w that nttlrtre~
eenstnaetlon pto.eets tlmlslmuld lcisnn ,,W d_ 0 K‘ I [h I are laeaterl dnr-na the destlzn Pha»~e
0.0.0,. , 000. .000 .00 ,0.0000,0.,.y e ma e I qnr e t ear a we beeanse thete vc bccn a let of :hangL‘~
mmmm cannot hzlvn mtennptmlns |n the ~mIth .0 000.000.0000. 000...... 0000 .00

’ eenttaet," Walt sand. "T 1e Crty put |nmt11dCslgn a numhet of yL‘aI~ ago,”

WallRodL‘, pmgmm manager w|tl\ our dL‘~lgl1cl‘lg|lmL‘r~ an nnnee that w0..,0.0. ~T00,0r. 0 .0. 0. 00... 00.
the C1tyofBllu><l,szud much cf the now .s the nme te |dL‘nl|fy and curmtl 000. 000. 0000,g,0000. 000,0, ,0 .00
cIty’~ nndetgmnnd |nfm~lIuctuIL‘ any pmlalems 7 we am not gmng to 0,00. .00 00.0. 0. .00 ,000.000 W0.
was damaged by flood watets dunng allnw them a gcncxal mIct1~L‘ of then .0 00. 0.0050 000,000,, .0 00.,,0.,00.0
the Ans-wt 2005 ~ternr and t»~ berng _ . ¢ with lneal nnlmes and out 811
relaa-red or relalaeed tmns tedernl mprcscnlauvc Chink-~' and say, 'Hcm’~
dlailstnr mlmf nnaney. The ntassne .00.. 0,0 0,00. .0 00 .0,0,0,0. W00
yearalrang laroleet n erlaeeted tn tent ' dcslgn I'L‘quL‘~ls and addrcis ntlllnes
about $3-14m tntal. ‘. bciorc vou go out tn bud 

Ahrant hall at the l>roleet~ have been K ' ' ' ' Under the nld wav nl dolng buslnL‘~~',
eempleted, but the mmmmng portion .00 0... 000.0 0,, ,;0,,,0g 0. 000.),

.s enneennated |n a heanly txafflcklsd, ‘ . 000050 0.0.0, 000. 50.000 .00 .,.0,00.
densely larnanlated area alrrnlz US l dclzlycd when a eonttaetet rIIn~ mm
Hrzhwny 90 that tneludea a lngh Ilncxpctlcd ntlllnes. walt hepes the
eeneentratwn rat the erty'~ lnrxeat stakeheldets mculmg wlll ehnnnate
kaxagcncmung entlnes 7 hotels and . t 00). 0.0.0,. 50.00 ..,,.,,0.0., 0.00 .0 .00
cannon. senstnve natum of the leeatlen of the
”Thu n.a.enty of the p.pmg ~uIIlh of “"“‘ l"°l°““

what we call the Back Bay, whnh has . €000.00 0,000.00. .0, 00...,

been bullt up over the last sevetal 0 ..0..000.0.0.,. .0. .00 .000.,00
deeaaes, was danmgcd to the point . .00.00..0g M,,,.,,.,,,,.,. .-0w0.,

that lt wananteel rcplaccmcm under , C00.0,p,00. E0000, 000. ..5.c,

the FEMA ptngtam," walt sa.d ”Tlm \ . - W00 ,0.,.0,.00.. .»...,'0. 00,00 000.
-ntwve flood event nrvtnred or " ”" * teleeemmnnleatlens enmpantes |n
damaged a lot :1! our water, sewet and ~ .00 0,00‘ .00.. ,0.,,0,.00.00. .00 Q0,
snnrtnry ~'ewer ~'y~'tenr> threnzh Water l ‘\ ofBIlu><1 and conducted the meeting,
nn"lltrat-on and brealenlz P-Pea at the ‘ ‘ when he teptnts went well Them was
lrnnt~ same lnmal plhhback {mm the des..;n
A5 mm Pumum of am mplmmmk . I en.nneet.s, he sald, hut nlttnaately he
systems Wuc bclng rcbmll [prmr to exl>eet~' they nnll he havlater In the
WalI’~ employment wlth the Qty), 3» V "”‘g"““'

eontraetran ran rntn ~'nas>- Densn . "Dunng the mocking, we dnenssea
ens-neera who ~laee-nerl the Plant ‘ a $95m conlmct, whteh .s made up
hadn’t been >P““kl“E d-reetly nnth of sevetal pm]ccl~ around 524m [0
utthty ewner~' and everntora In the " ' $3un. eaeh," walt sald. "Thu aengnets
area rlunns lalann-ns and d-rln't take . . aheadv ldcnuficd a tew nnlmes not an
a deta-led look at utrlrt-ea wrtlnn the ‘ L Q then plan, and they're gmng to mach
hrrundnrtea of the Pmlfidh before they ,0,P00,,.,,.,.,0.. by 00.005 0 5000.0. out tn the staleeheldets tn .~tL‘L‘ what tan
Went eut terhtd lnfatlt the <le~lg"~' noucc that ta... ':(\ntm:lL»r~ mast be ad.-us-ca before they go out to lad!’
melnded a note let t e eenttaetets to : 0 , ,

000.00. 3.. 00 .000 000 00.00. 0.0,. f}j§ttr,<~‘*;"a)t|m;‘:'“",t,-l'tlt~ n e tlnnk The eaattaetns wlll .t.ll be res-pans-.hle
00000 .0 0000 .00 0000 M000. » - to. calling 811 bcfum ennstmetten

walt dccldcd a bettet way to movie‘ begrna and thrrrntzhraut the larnleet aa

Due to the ensrnnx develralanrent and W00 .00 ,00000,0g 5.0.00 pan of then 200-foot leoleahead. But,
renavery ettorta threnslnnrt the e-no ,0 0,0, .0 00. .00 0.0000 walt damn’! sxplstl tat thete tn be
'""“3’ “"d*"t4“’““d ““‘“‘“" hm‘ hm“ Cnglnccn H} the same room otlmr any -nrne ~urlan~'e~ ntter the er>ntraet~
'“‘’‘’°“‘ °' "dd*“‘ "‘ ll“ “"‘° b°“‘“‘" stalteholdets eatly en, tn L‘n~um thete so out tnr l>rd> — and no more n>~tly
the |nllklt11 dllsugn phase of the pto.eet Woman,‘ bc my may dclaw 0.0.0“ 5

and w Inn tae blddmg pmeess began. 20” meg Mmw an . 5

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