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avhoeer Cox
ACTS New In:
Us like my eontraetor inend enee identity the pertermanre of the 3. when and hew te start the
said, ‘The best you ean do is yen employee and in some eompanies, investigatien. Arcording te your plan..
are still going te have damages ~ the investigatien becemes part of the remember, lie eonsistent.
l know he didn't have many, employee evaluation at year's end A 4_ Conm the mm 50“ M “M
liut ii what he said is true, then he doeument that separates these who
is eommen sense and some et it is
needs to eonsider rL‘qu|nng damage iellow eompany pohey and those who
_ training collecting the tarts is best
investigatien as eritical to his business. talee short cuts will rreate a baseline tor adumd by an ‘nvmgmr who H
. --tdh he .l- lth th‘ * ‘
untertunately, when a iaeility is  '5 ” "“'"‘ ‘ ‘“ ‘" ‘ pereeived as henest, eunous, iriendly
damaged, one oi the rirst reaetions is to and respeettul. Being olnertive and
blame others. otten the ringer pointing 3. And one et the main reasens we analytieal are ereellent qualities that
bmmeg a d.e,,.,,.g1,, e,,die,.. pmege at need to investigate damages is lieeanse allow the investigater to write down
threats, heated disputes and amliignous the ether side does. ltyeu dun’! what was seen and heard. it may lie
invoicing tor damages. investigate, a sleppy investigatien neressary to t1~k quL‘~tlon~' (althengh
ertormed b v the ether side will find sometimes the dama e investi ation
W"h°“‘ “ Pm?“ d“"‘“%° ‘“"“°“%‘“'“" La liable From my cxpuricncc it ereurs when no one lE~ there) If you
P‘““°"* Eh“ ml Ca“ °‘ ”'° '““‘“‘°“‘ you pertormed a elear, eoneise and nnist interview someone, learn to he
'""3’ ““‘ " 5° 1*‘“"‘*“‘t ‘°”°“"°"‘ censistent damage investigation that a geod listener one or the secrets te
WIS "Mt b:1'mP'=m°*‘tl§“f‘ jlnd teens-es on the taets at hand, you’ll getting the rnest out of an interview is
*“ ‘*;1“”;“ “"‘"f4“ “"bd" °‘*f have the best investigation why, not interrupting er rushing to the next
:/‘l‘“" W L *‘“'“ PW ‘""‘°"> you aslev lseeanse mest oi the utility anestien. The interview is net tor the
“"‘>' d°‘“"‘"“"8 ‘‘‘° ‘'"‘’‘‘‘'3’ ‘°‘ “ investigatiens I've reviewed ate tocused ten o'clock news den't act as ii this is
“‘""‘“f4“ “' “ ‘h"“"°'"‘ 5* ‘° “ 1°“? en iault hnding rather than iaet hnding. breaking news Just learn the tarts and
term preblem A serious selution to the Th _ , _,, 1  h K K P f “_ h‘
d ‘ Hm can bc EX ma M Y ey are jumping to cone nsions t err perspeeuve. art e to ceting t e
f‘h"“‘$;P"" _ _ P° 3 based on what i think rather than what iaets is eertainly learning how to take
“ L" ' U‘ “ N‘ '"““'5“"°“ P'°°“°‘ l see. The photes and sleetehes (|ft1nv good photographs and draw legiole
‘hm 5°“ ‘”’“” b°Y°“d d°‘“"‘"““$ “"‘° are included) de net tell the sterv oi'the slcetehes Remember it they do not tell
is at tanlt ' ’
damage the story of a damage te a person who

5*"l:"§:".““:v*. .,  ::;:;‘?:;i;:;:‘.‘t:::°<::.‘i::":‘t:;*’“°
3?" ,“'“°“ “*9 " “"95 '3“ 9- damage investigation is preventing ; b ‘l H , pf‘ h ,5 3’, d

1 ll give you three good reasons out mcmmmes 0‘ similar damages’ ma) T In e el\en out: we \e one
“‘ 3 *'“"‘*“d= preventing potential injuries “"“’—"‘ “"3 “g “’

l. A geod investigatien exposes continuous improvement and an 5. Determine the eause. it is
dC,qm.,,C.a.. The da,'.,c,am.a, may improved Imflom line. universally recegnized that ier every
be m M M]. y,,.ym hm. EM.“ Gamma ‘hm six SW5 M E aerident er damage there is a roet

‘° ‘“'°“‘ Wm‘ ““‘3’ "‘“3’ b‘ ‘" W‘ successful damage investigation °““""' “ d‘“'“‘ “‘“"' “"" °“° '” '“"“
Pm“, ,,,,..t\.a davalapcd m Wm - contributing iaetors asseriated with the
it cenld be in the training pregram 1. Develop a plan when does the event. what renditions existed that may
you cul'"_\"[ly me it n1g\y even he a investigatien startl De you Inquire have made the damage more likely to
deiicieney in the quality et people you phetos or sketches? De you have a occur? And what one thmtz, ti corrected,
hire. it an investigation does not erpese Damage Report Form? whe iills it out? would have prevented the damage?
deiieieneies that led te or rontnliuted to who gets it? with whem and where is Remember, this preress is net about
the damage er violation, it is not a goed it filed’ These and other consideratiens who r~ hable for the eu>t~ mwerated
investigatien. should be determined prior te the with the damage, but rather an answer

investigatien. it you don't have a plan, te the quL‘~uon: "What led direetly to

2- A 3”‘ ‘“"*““t<‘“"-‘“ ‘"‘P“-“’“‘ you cr1n'tbL‘ censistent If you den't the line getting damaged?" Lialiility
"V"-“k” '“"‘“‘°- 1 “‘“""*-- W“ M‘ have a plan, you can't hold one another will become apparent tollowing the
>CYt“<h'“8 your head “M3 W‘ “Wt aerountable tor net iollowing the plan. iaetual investigation

it the investigation is renrerned with

the tacts of the event, it means that 2. Assemble an investigation kit 5. Document The damage

even oversights or fr1|IIIrc~' te perierm Your lot should contain everytlnng investigatien report heroines your

will he noted. The good empleyee yuu’ll need te eenduet a therengh iirst line oi detense for your positien.
erten tells me that everybody getting investigatien. it would inrlude note Drtcumenttnx t~ ““P‘“''‘‘“ for a vanety
the same raise every year, no matter pads, pens, report torms, cameras, et reasons, but eertainly one et them
hew well they periorm l~‘n’l iair measuring device (tape measure, er the r~ that the mvmee or to-Irt date may
and etten irritating investigations Rhino Hit l<it). be a year or more atter the tart and

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