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Tye heerr rn l:vusmL‘~~ [or over 40 yeah when rhe pipelines were laid, rhe and "walk” 7 mmlly [or llmw pipcllnm
and never hrr any underground linca. dcflgn wr1~ re go rhrrrrrgh rhhr to shift, ner re he where rhey were put
why ~lmuld I (all 8117" cmlnlryuidc in rhe mm! direct wit)’ to long yeah ag1.».Tlm~c0l(l paper mztp~
Wm M M mm flung Wu M in   m ]II~'l arcn r all rhhr atcumtu anymuru.
breaking rhe law r: you don't. in rhe ivhm WV m‘ h be EX mam V (;\fC’I In e ier (‘aunt re hrr e prpehrre today
P6514" yams, whrie yee were bu~'y the “N qfi mi 7 dmL1_’“m :1 and than rr rm back in rhe day Those
NDT digging rrrre undurgmund errhry W U mmk fhw 11; d um i C m Isxpztnding towns here put pipL‘lInc~
lmL‘~ Wily out rhere rn rhe rrrrrrrrry, e ffw Ekkfm m(M—d‘;m wfw" ENMC amack wrrhrrr rherr erry limih. And
[cw things were going on: Lines were 7 “:1 lhw’; ma m EX L_‘;uF’Tk;‘n “ uvur rhe years, rhere have heen qerre
being extended rrrrrher and rrrrrher dgm mHC’rl" P 5 l‘ a rew unknown contractors whe here
out into rhe rerrnrry; never mind some ' ‘ "nicked" e hrre [mm rrnre re rrrne. New
hrre. were already out rhere herere yerr They eer thmuglx muntryutlc 8! \v<iod~'; and rherr, e l11.»mL\1\vncr eer. a mzil
eyer ~kartcd bung an errnyhrer. Ne, rrer rhey cut tlxmugli ere.» where reeeh shock when he eirryer a post rnre rhe
cable er pltunc lInc~' —n.1tuml gr» and would sun1cdz\yp:t.~~‘;tlmymnncar ground Mi he can put up e rerrre: He’.
ml pIpL‘lInc~ were rhere. They added small lnwn~ whreh would later heeenre "out In rhe cmlntry” — rrewhere near a
rhe rehie, pl1unL‘, werer and wwur hrre. big mwn~ and cities Forty years r. a mad IIgl1t—1.»frvmy‘ "l/Vcll, ycs— i think rr
hrrer. lung rrnre — rrrne [or rhe ground to move are umd to he a pr1~kun:.SL» w11at7”
Training excavators and utility operators
to rotect the ublic.
Committed to operating Pipeline Assets
in a safe, reliable and compliant manner
and providing the higljest level of . ’ . I '\~\\
CUSIDIWEF service. ‘
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