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The l-rpehne and Hazardous Mammals ground, the law says you HAVE to call rhe uckzl to pmvc lt. They may have
Saicty Adrnmrsrraoon (PHMSA) 811. Every ome pard last year, but not anymore. Why?
is a unrled slares Dnpanmcnt of ,,OK,. on W “S0 , mu 8“ Wm You have vrolaled lhe law. If you hit a
Transporraoon ageney created n. are IRE‘: 0;"; M Héw dam find lrne 7 lcl’~ say you tut a $25,000 fiber
2004, responsible for developrng and wlmfiufidu WEE rm mm ii If opllc phone lme. wowl But worse, no
enrorerng regulaoons for tlm safe, “min m . mm “mfg? Thmffnvc one ran eall 911, are fun dcpaxtmcnl,
mllablt, and envrronmemally sound mm ‘mag 0} ,m ‘K Wand,’7,, — ‘ hosprlals, dorlors 7.1’. a really bad
operaoon of lhe us’ 2.6 nullron rmle ’ ‘K ’ thlng. leadrng to all sorrs of polenual
p.peln.e rransponaoon. It ovcxsms the when you rall an and tell Lhcm where lawsuns. someone has to pay for llns
natlon's prpelrne lnfxaslruduns, wlurh you wanl to drg lrenrh, poke any krnd damage 7 but waul 7 you have a locale
aeeounrs for 6-1 peroenr or the energy of holes ln the ground 7 you have ro urker For whroh you ean Lhank 811.
eornmodroes eonsunred ln I112 Unlled wan as hours wlulc all I1'1IL‘llY|C~‘ get Wllhuul ll, you are on the hook for ALL
srares. Made up of lhe Offlcc of mpelme marked. laarh unlrry rs rcsponslbll: of ll. And lhere rs no eoverage anymore
Saicty and Lhc Offmc of Hazardous for markrng lhnn own lrnes 7 orren by for what happened.
M"“’*‘““5"‘°‘>'= ;;;a3,{§=;;*:i;j';§;§:§;{,i'";‘;;nd Sar]oc—Iknnwymfmabuoyman,
PHMSA rs Federal and rs enroremg Penhxating mdflimmg u;hUgLhngfi_) and you Can’! wall 43 hours to gnl a job
underground oaictv. ll your slale , movrng and all that 7 our l lhlnk you
, — all s ,ola rs nuufylng all the uolrues to
doesn l have penaloes wnhm Lhclr mm‘ (hm hm H‘ You dmgmmd are a smarl man, too Itlunk you ran
laws, PHMSA ean and null levy ‘ _ * u:l:1l|sn’lworLh rrskrng cvczylhlng you
penaloes 7 whroh are qurre ~tccp. “1'g$‘“$ P“”‘ W‘ ‘‘’“‘“E 3”“ “ '°“‘“° have. You dldn’tmak1:|tln 43 hours 7
urker 7 whreh proves you eomplred
lnsuranee never, ever pays hoes and Wm‘ ‘hf hw NW W m dm md but you sure ean lose ll over a 42 hour
pcnaltles 311 has gouen legrslalron gm” m‘“y‘k_gfll 3;. long as yo“) dun,‘ wrut. Your rnsuranee rompany can't
through that mnrgales some of rhese . ’ . help you, but 811 ean prevenl Lhem
_ _ _ drg wlLh|n 18lIIC1'1L‘~ of lhe oulsrde of
penaloes for vrolaoons, beeause hmhm hm ymm gum horn needmg lo.
PHMSA rs not ol a rmnd to furgwv: a ' Y ,1‘ b H1 Y I _
fir~I-Ilml: offznvz. "I'm msured", you ~r1y?No,notfur h"“ ,‘t"f’“Y “ [Ll ‘"5 3"“f;”’ ‘1’"“"
, llus, you r1rL‘n't, not rr you d1.m't have a “ °““ “‘ “ °‘“°"°“ W “V” °
I02, ll almosl doesn r maner who you mm 5“ MW cr1ll8ll.Eytl\n way, loe, be sure (u lell
are and whal you are dorng These ‘P ’ ” your lnends that ornes have ehanged
days, even a homeowner dnving a lnsuranre rompanres have begun 7 Lhey'd bcllcx eall 811 Then msuranre
posr to put up a fence, or a surveyor denyrng elanns for losses for Lhosc who can't help them, enher. m
semng stakes 7 r: you poke a hole ln L11: don'Icr1llbcfomlhcyd|g 7 and have
we knowllrrle ls muney. so we bulll me new JT25 wlm more
thrust/pullback and a more emcrem mtatlnnal onve than me
corrlpelltlon. Its srmole, dulable deslgrl also oellvels move ooume
with less ookeeo. and all sen/lce points ave la one umesavmg
lccallan. voo neeo mule pvoducllvlly and pvolllablllty. so we bull! ‘
move than a orlll. we boll: a workhorse. 
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