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or Vllglms Remus:
The Po/lb’ Ceuler
Jacksuu MS
nee we had a «avon«e llyra In:rL‘aac—an EMod of 1 1—wlthin «hen he hrred new people. wha« krnd
rn.-uranee eu.«orner. \(e.., 3 yuan. Tha«’. a tr.»tr1l3U% ln« on «hen of «rarnrng drd he gn~e «ho.e gIIy~7
his prennnrn. were pre««y worker. eornp ra«e. alone. Plu.., «he Dld «hey ever a««end a .ale«y mccung?
hrgh, but «he man'~' eornpany proper«y caxncx mlscd «hen deduenhle Then, oh wow, one of «hern hur« hl~

never ever had a elann. He even had «o :s5lmll, and «hey go« «hen au«o back.

a so Expurlcncu Mod on hls worker. eoverage dropped. The worst «hrng «ha« The Wmkm mm mm mm from ‘he
cornp Tha« mean. he had a zoo can happen r. «o have your rn.uranee

_ _ g _ _ managcmL‘nl—whcm lcadrsnhlp must

dr.eoun« off «he gorng ra«e. laeeau.e he eaneelled or non.renewed. Nohodv b_ I lh‘ _ d I V d
wa. claim fmc lo,   Our wan. you when «he happcn~ *5{"- 3, L "?l‘;‘h‘“’l‘°“d“_‘_ 3° 3 3"
guy even had druly aery raeehag. A I k V W 0 Oh I fin"! 3 "l "H 3 f“  “C ,°

Nut ‘(mgr but may day’ H“ mm M hrn 1:13 Ingvrrll) fixdln U5. dvl|uu~ v, ea an np W‘! eo. you money —a
‘Emma that from h” mend’ M an M‘ « e o guy wr« a r. a««r«u e an n.. lo« of rnoney. If no one r..- wa«ehrng
Hg.‘ dal}l‘y ~;iv:tdy rgeenng. drd .:.rne«ln;rg lhe dc-1tml~—and wa«ehrng elo.ely,

Hg « n o vmus y, "un cxslan mg wmct ung l.- golng «o go wrong
The man deerded «o renre, and he «ha« «he.-e «hang. llappnn" wa~'n’l «he Anylhlng ean and of mlusc, r« wlll.
«urned «he rnanagennen« of «he lau.rne.-. he.« bu.rne..- approaeh after all
g _ Mo.-« rn.oranee eonapanre. «ha«
over «o a relanve, one who had ae«oally
eover «he «rade. have n.-k eon«rol

worked wr«h «he cmw. The new a d I \ I U I d I k ‘ I
manager understood «he, and, ‘ °P‘“ ‘“‘" ‘ “‘ ’“" °“ ““ °"" “’
 a rclauvc, had a .«ake .a «he « ‘ §“>'~ I; °b*°{Vf1“°‘~’g°;* df }~’f1{“;'°"
ataylng .arae..h.l Furt1\cxmon:,1\c ' r ° T ~"f§“k “WI 3 °' 33 U; W
had plemy of good ldeas about how «o °‘“‘_ “:T““ ’|‘,‘ °""l‘ fm _“°’§‘ " 3°?‘
he.« u.-e «he .lu houn per week he had I °]"‘“ ‘°“" ‘_“°" fl‘ ““ P“ '’
alkmd (0 km )ouI rn.uranee pro er «on

The npmum mynd mm, hwy _ ll you don'« have «nne «or tl\al—m1.»~l

._ , V , . eornpanre. rnarn«arn a vrdeo llbxaxy

heeau.e, «ro«hhrlly, «hr. wa.n « «he .or« . «ha« had a lot of cumpcutlon ;“**1*;=i°"jPfl"»""5 b*°§‘;"*=§»;P=t
hu« had a lo« olpoa.rlnlr«re.- The new ' ““ "“ ‘ W“ C“ ‘“q““ ““ ‘ ‘“
rnanager expanded and hrred a few 3’°‘" "W" ’“““3’ ‘“‘‘“'‘“f‘*

more [olk~ «o .nee« «hr. demand It you have had .orne elann. and your
And he ~tuppnd «he .a«e«y mcL‘l|ng~ ff "W; afnf “Pr Elf §°m§""v Wm
becau.-c, well, hl. guys were .ea««ered  ""'f‘: ‘“ 3;3“f"d '«”“5 d°;"‘Plm"“’
all over and dldn’t have «nne «o run ‘ “"1” ‘"55: — *1‘ d°"’ K“ ’°“ ‘“’°’
rn«o «he omee «or an hmlzor .-o.n.« «o “ “ ‘ “P ‘“ ‘ "S ““ ‘°"'

go over «he .arne old .«un «hey had all The mo mmgmcm appmfihm weak Your eornpany and «he rn.oranee
heard nnne and «rare agarn. [M lhcm~dm _ cm W the Job dam eornpany are a par«ner.lnp where each
wha« happened next? l« .«ar«ed wnh an and «he o«her «arled. Mr.erahly. b°““‘“‘ "°"' ”‘“ °‘1‘“ M“"““‘“‘“$
oeea.-ronal .rnall worker. eornp clalm, “ 3°“ P“""““1“P “‘°‘’ ‘‘“'° ”““5‘

sornehow, «ho..e «lnng. drd no« happen lor v()u—llar1vc~ you money (even rr

‘hm ‘}‘““‘ W” ““ "°“““°"“‘ ‘““d“" when «he old 'wa~' runmn «he «h « l x d NOT -«

""“ E'‘‘‘‘' ‘‘‘‘‘>' "““" ‘l‘‘“ “'9 “““’ 3”)’ er larn ho)w «he r (hma ed «he «ruek 7 ‘:mL}:“£ am- -| u-|I ‘ a «fin ) ‘D’!
“W ~‘°'"°*"“°*‘ “W “'85 1*“PP°"°d «ha« «nee rhev ri.-of gmmnhow dldlff P” ‘ 5 W.‘ a °" a'"".'l?’3 ’7’"«' '3‘ 7°?
Aerew nnernher delnn«ely dld no« wan« C‘ mm m mC—w‘mké“ mm cimmy ’“’“ ““‘“"‘5 3°“ ‘ “” ““‘““’
«o hare «o erplarn «o «he old guy how 3 ’ P ’ ‘ Those men work «or you—lnadL‘hhlp
he barked rn«o «ha« o«her «ruekl No, .rrl They managed «o ge« «he work done r. wha« le«..- «hern know wha« voo

even «hongh «hev had «o a««end «ho..e erpee« and how you erpee« r« done. Le«
There were «wo small .hop me.-
.a«e«y rnee«rng.. Dally .a«e«y nreenng... «hern know «ha« .are«y r.- your lngge.«

Ner«her drd much damage, hn« «hey A k 1 M l_ d f h

hled «he elann. anvwav And r« sum ‘"‘ ““ " 5“—". “"“° “’"‘ " °"“°““ Y“ “’““‘ ‘l‘“"‘ W‘ ”“‘

— — , mend. on «he orl nga. For year. «ha« eqorprnen« |n one preee a« «he end of

W” “ ‘}‘“‘““ “b°“' “““ ““‘“' 3”)’ 5 W“ hu.-rne.. dldn’l have an r lo..-e.- and lh d r

'"I“rv—<‘""r<‘ «hm   he’a« dawn ° “’

’ It’. ,n.« good buamms.’ 5
Bottom lrne, «hey no« only lo.« «hen when the now H Y [wk am 1" d
207, dr.eoun«, but wound up wr«h a domed Rh“ [hf gm), mmm‘g~ Wm
no« wor«h «he «nne 7 hl~ lmvcs began,
,4. Mlsslsslpnlfill 2019 Issue]

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