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Submitting documentation with the AVR
hen submitting the Alleged violatioii Repurl (AVR), which aleits the
Mississippi undeigiouiid Facilities Buazd that a possible violation ui the
dig law has occuned, it is cntical to include yeiinable documentation.
F01’ example, if you submit an AVR that states youi rickzl hasn't been
located and pmyide no documentation, how can that lie pioyeii7 oi if you submit a
photo without some kind of landmark that can lie iecognized, how can we know the
location is the aiea you requested to be located. considei this: include iii the photo a
stiect sign, a house oi sometliiiig else that can be yeiiiied as the location you piopose
’ to excavate.
.3 I ['3 P ‘ _¢ Additionally and peihaps most imponantly, when you take a photo, date and time
Va"! ~- ‘ stamp it. Most tolks use theii phone to take photos now and theie aie many ditteieiit
ft. ,; apps that allow you to date and time stamp pl1nID~ lt is impoitant to duwnlond the
-- ' ,, _t, , 3; ,1 '  -._ _ apps and team how to use them.
,  i_ ‘~- I 1%‘ “_ when a ticket is called iii, there is a specific time that it must be located by, unless
J - ..,_g , ' ; l othei mutually agceed upon coiiditions ate met. lt it is not located within the
g _ specified time, you have the option to submit an AVR. lithe AVR includes a photo
of the pioposecl location that can lie yeiiiied and the photo is date and time stamped
,_ } so that we can Cornparz it to the oiigmal ticket, then the entoicement piocess has a
,. .. . chance to work.
we'ie not guilty ui a violation just because somebody says we ate But even if
someone is guilty, without pmpe! and yeniialile documentation, it can't be pioyen.
And that's fair tot both sicles. so help us ieduce damages by helpiiig us ieduce
violations That can be done by submitting the Avtzs and including date and time
stamped photos to piove yuur poiiit .
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