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Damage Protection, Fast, Easy, and Acciimel
women In Safety Excellence _ M mm “mm” M5
omen make up nearly 50 percent of the global V
workforce and often experience Dccupariunal
risks differently than men l-luwever, safety Lucaln buvlm ulllllms. markav balk. lmldlrs
interventions trequently take a Dne-size-fity 2"“ “='""=:>;“v;"'; :4“ “":_*°C“""

all approach women in safety Excellence (WISE) believes “""" ‘" ' ' "’"‘"" '

we must advucale fur gender-specific solutions. with

appmximalely 2,000 members, WISE is the leading member

community within ASSP's glubal membership of 38,000

safety and health professionals The group is cummilled tn

intluencirig industry and identitying solutions to safety and

health challenges that impact women worldwide. safety is a

team effun It takes all of us

How does WISE tie into Damage Prevention? in more ways ma ism... ln llnmhwllh Ihl vc:mMx-2 msmbtman llnn mm mm
than one might think! Ketha Molina, Damage Prevention """"“”" c"""" 5Y“‘"‘ ‘"“"Y l"“‘°'

Manager — West Texas for Texas 811, is a member ui WISE.  
safety is protecting ~Dmeone fmm harm. Fur l<etha, pmtecling

undergrounrl urillties means you are saving lives by protecimg Vivu-Ilquwtnch Cnrpor-Ifinn Jo-came; l:%
the company and employee fmm seriously devastallng :l15I Olmll si...i mi Fm. WDAABJSIZ can ialltfirvxnn mm
consequences. she effortlessly weaves the Damage Prevention 5-"'= 9'-M mwfit W "'-W ‘H-”'7=""°° --w-aw-N-mm
message and w1sE message together, realizing her role is In

protect the piiblic [rum serious injuries and possible death,

which includes educating family, friends, neighbors, and the

general public an digging safely.

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\\'ll(‘l ll(‘l‘ ll ls 21 I 1 lie
:1 l2lll(l()\\'ll(‘l’, or 3
:lll\'()1l(*(*lS(‘, lszlll
|"|  . .1  n-nnshnlin.
(SF-( ll l(l |)(ll 0 [;.~'"_.'_
(l£llll:l‘_{(‘ |)l‘(‘\'(‘llll()ll lnl38oMInOll|ll90fK.Y
‘ . an 3003254552
2| llll \:ll no la ll(‘l(l :11
(‘\'(‘l'\' It-wl. \

Safety duesn'l see one stakeholder as more important than A M I D

anuiher some view fiber and electric lines as ”les~' of a risk," AM:g"cANM.Ds1-,:EAM

hnwever, when fiber lines are hll, 911 access can be impacted,

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