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ou will decide if your survival as is the case ot our ”Nu Department." liecause research shows they are
instincts are a friend or toe to , _ intreouently used. stop and ask
the collaborative teamwork 3"" 1°‘ “ ‘wk “‘ Mm" Nam" yourself when you last thanked other
. through another set or eyes. i .
required tor damage . . members ot the damage prevention
. . Historically, the survival instinct has . . .
prevention. No, this article is not about pack tor doing a great iob7 Publmally
. been the impetus fur animals and . .
psychobabble, so let me explain. humans ‘D ‘Om am H mm‘ Yam recognizing each other is a great way to
_ . . _ P . . ii establish each uLh2r's validity.

we are hardwired to survive which department is a pack witlun your

gives rise to tight or night whenever company which is itselt a pack. The 3. Reasszrt Control.

we erceive h sical or s cholo ‘cal Dama e Prevention communi can .

theirs to uufszcurity. 15/: been 5?. also IJEE considered a pack nonsitysring or Team‘ “’““‘ °”“‘.‘“‘ “‘ ‘}‘““.““"““Y’ 5“
organizational consulmnt (or over several individual packs, i.e., one call "‘“:“'”"““ “fa?” "‘”'“§e" "" ‘f“f|“"“3
thirty years and see these instincts centers, Excavators, Utility companies, 3“ "“‘”"3 ° T“ "‘°"‘ '5 ° ‘ 2
working every day. For example, rm communities, politicians, etc. Now lets fh“"‘:5“lf'“("“““““ '“‘“ “"“ d“ ‘’‘’I“‘
currently working with a department address how packs can work together— “Y ° *5 ‘

that has the reputation uf being the collaboratively. I'll begin with the three My Embellishment

‘NC Department" within the company. strategies ottered by Lisa Kwan and

That is, whenever there is a request then otter an embellishment. K‘f‘$P;“‘ ‘f “"99 ‘:°"l“““‘_} .

tor cooperation the requester hears no, . °° “ ‘“ V? “"“"°' " '“ 5”"

we Cm,‘ an am Sm“, H1 msfims at 1. Group Identity. with that said, however there are
work: The sad part ot this story is the This author contends that every 3‘ 153;‘ ‘““’ ““‘“°““‘ ’"“‘3‘“* ‘“
department manager didn't know their team must maintain its own identity ‘°‘‘‘‘ 2'‘

reputation until l reported it to him. defined by the nature uf its work and 1. “I” in Tzumwark

. * -. ‘ . E be tth d
Researcher, Lisa Kwnnlwmie about  fxghjo ::‘““ contrary to the old cliche _ there is
teamwork blind spots in her article, The . Duly a we iii teaiii svaiy iiidiviaiiat
. Lh humbly proud of its contributaon to . .

collaboration blind spot at appeaied be in um’ ms KEV? communities Wiitiiii the damage pimiiiiiiii

in a reee:-tHarvar=1 Business Review mp 5 '’ community needs to under.-und their
(March 2019). She said, groups feel ’ treedom uf choice underwrites the
threatened when others are encroaching 2. Rzuffirm Legitimacy. decision to be a collaborative team

on their territories. sometimes, 5 ma k lb M E Li‘ member or not. There are many
tollowing instincts get people in trouble m“;’r‘:‘1§xffiC'|‘m5;:;‘!:l‘:“:j vsrbafiz: ° rlwhysw soiiiaiiiia chooses iiiii in iiii i
ia. Mssisiaaisii 2019, tssves

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