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the wund of a large apparent 1. Pmpam an Eyneygeney Acuon man
e>‘P1°>‘°“»5“r‘"S°1)’/ thr» was net my Lhc ‘ob. As pmparatlnn, rcvmw
unrommorrwur since we next door the plan documents my Lhe xoeanon
‘ to a trtr~h eorrrptretrnn stntron whreh of an cxhung nnhnes and the ~pL‘mfic
y , Perrodrmlly blew up when anrne rtem Ioeahnns my tlm work to be peyroyyned.
,_\\  that was net mvposed to be m the A pm-planmng yneeung wnh uulny
“‘ enmpnetor ~'v-trnehow made rt rntn the owney. that have fanlm-:~' m (In: d|g
‘it ‘_ __ Compactor. Bu! t1u~ nyne was dxifcmnt. am Wuuld ha a Pmdm. mm as wan
. If€-,- ‘‘ o The ground and the bunldmg an shook 2 N f d k 1 I d
-: I . '- . sygnyfieanuy despyye Lhc sound xlmli - etr Y an “or wrt r any rate
I * seeynyng dI~ty1nl. Wnhm so ynynnyes, we Prpehne operatnr~ rn your exerrvntron
/ * ‘ heayd Ihc news that then: had been an eretr» hgrrtrtyktherltr at )l'orrr gxpeeteo;
,1... . explouon neayxy 25 ynyxes away, and yy type 0 wor we re u e an type 0
. D: Wm. ,.mm> §nnatrIIclnl)r(|l cfiu|pmcnt used (L\\)g.,
’ 1 v . .- u
I we wurknm runmng a bullduzu wxth M "M U ‘ mm OPE" C“
a nppey attachment, prcpanng my the 3- Me the P-Pehne opermr rf they
m~lalIa|Iun :1! a nbey uphc hne, had Wt“ have a rePre~en|atn'e there (tn
_ _ mpmmd a 25_,mh gm [,m,,,,,.m“ eeyyayn ca~c~, fndcml law may mandalc
» \\, ‘ ~ hne. The gas yyansyynssyon hne o ’°I:Ye*"tr“|V<‘ herng an ~rte wlher;
 enssemssed yhe pyepnsed Cxcavauon Wer rng rn Prexrmrty tn a Prve me
she. The cxplosmn and ensnyng aye had no you npprrraeh ohg over and work
. ].¢em]1y m....,,,.my mm y,od,c,., ‘WW Immediately pint their caeyhnes. Invllc
. ,1 _' only small pyxes of zuh. soyneunng had them to n ~ntet>' meetrng»
 ‘ V gnne\\'erywn>nzz- There was much 4. Contact Lhc appxopnam cmcrgnncy
. f; apeerrlntrnn regarohns the eerie‘ and ynedyean m~pondL‘r~' my the syye(.) so
d|ffnnng ennehysynns weye yeaehed. mm they M. Mm 0, you, Wmk
- ms and mm,“ mm mmd my Aha, mvilc Lhcm my a sazeyy menung
y ' \\rmw~ toward sateyy and lowaxd As cantractur», we set nrrmh to
. Cmmmn‘ Amwugh mum ,,,_,m1m Ihc ynyyyeaeyes of dye sue, but a nysy
-  -~ . day»tu-day operation, I am pnvdeged to reapender eornrng there for the firbt

sn an ohms one can Law enforcement "me Wt“ not be

bnayd. And m I heay eoynplaynys wheye 5_ Mo,,,,,,g .3“), my ,,1m..,,g
cxcava|or~ aye wurkmg around yneyhnyn huddle; become Mn mm mm;
and 111511 prcs~um gas hnes, I dunk back d,,,,,,g cxCm..,,.. nm mm. 10., ,0

lo tlus mndcnl and uLhL‘r~ lnke n ma huddk W.” be mmpmmd by

The ynles and saregnayyls as wen as rmvroved Prodnrtrnn

the hes: pyaenees my working around 6_ REP”, any dmmgm (“Md Q, Wm
undugmund nnhnes aye cnl|cy1ly1nd an named, H, M ,M,,,,y M,” Damga,
cxcava|or~ should nndeysyand tlm n~k~ M“ ,0 am Pmmm mung an am
they take the n~k~ that therr employee» pypehne, can eanse eanasyyeplne failure
and dye pubhc aye exposed (0 and dam. ma mad,

|hc pyepey yneaynds to avcud them

A Mmplc ,,ndE,,m,d,,,g of am 311 Cumml an M Lhu vanames you ean and
pyeeess ys a good synyx, yet (11: ynles my be prepared for the unexpected There
mmung mund g“, 1,,“ M mm aye many best pyaenees and ans ayne1e
complex and ynnye dcmandmg and my only rePre~ent~ tr few Settrns your»-elf
good mm. up my sneeess ys cnucal to a good

mncomc. m
synee zuua, PHMSA has co-~'pon~on:d
fit’ 1162 wnrk~hoP~' (RP for ‘ My my yyy.~,.w mvmln: Lm‘ ,m;y..y ofmc Cruvggt
eeorrrmerrded "rnetree~> There to e r nyyyecy me y1flrvu.UvA’vrvXtm‘H‘fm ¢m)vtHnm a;
great deal of benem from attcndmg wym
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