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b The Pullcv Center
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Jackson MS
hm mg!“ mud Ohm“ bu” Dld yott nottce the wotel.- "Current wlueh t. cheapet and tnueh tnote
\\'t1luL‘~7" eotnptehen.tve And whtch ean now

1"“ W‘ “ ‘°“"““““°“ ‘“'“" “ eotne undet tlte atotetnenttoned

eu.totnet who wa. elt.ett.-..tng ln..utance t. ele..tgned to "put you back ,.B,mm,,

thc Polity he had wt-ttcn wtth hkc you wete betote the datnage " ‘
-mvthvr agent Ht Wm wondering That’~ tt. toh —thL‘ Pnnetple ot Dun’l as~umc that Inland Mattne t.- not
whethet he had enough covetage on lndetnntty — back ltke you wete. Now, as good aa Ptoprrty <°\\'=m5L‘» WW1
curtam -tum», and I mcntmncd he apply that; It you had a five yeat old Mattne eovetage t.- petteet tot what
ptobably had blanket eovetage -and ttaetot that got ..tolen, wottld you be -t~ lob -~ —to mvrr cq-uvmmt Ml-M
that a tew hundred dollt1r~Awunh ot mad at the game ‘f My gm you A tolltng .-toelt equtptnent t.- dcslgnud
\\'a1u«'~' ht-own on the Pvhcy we-Ildn't lttand new lractuI7 Ye.-, and tn.utance to do hatd Work and the cqulpmunl
tnattet — that he would get teplaeetnent eontpante. ate not gotng to do that. wtll get banged up In 01‘ PY°“‘~‘‘'‘-
eo.t even tt tt wa. lt.ted lowet heeatt.-e E.,,Lmu‘, Wu}, tntand Mama, “,}..C1, Even a btand new backhoe ean get
of the blanket wluclt would mark ant t. how equtptnent t.- altno..t alway. dtng. and dent. tn tt. ht.-t yeat. l-ltt..-,
and eovet the ttetn. tn que.tton. wnllcn. And, or eout.e, a ttaetot wtll Inland Mannc :~ wltat’~ called "A11
HE Mud’ “My mm M “mm il1Wily‘sfbl’e‘Cl£|5fi‘L‘(§ c1~lnn [lnland Mgrlnu fl.-k that
mdmduawr and , may ,,Ym’,, Thu‘ ttetn. tt . got wtee ., p an on tt etng ‘PP , 5 t

,, ,, lnland Manne ot lzqtttpntent eovetage, wat and othet nxcludcd pettl.-, wtll
h" ““d’ 0" °‘" M“"‘‘' "M" A] l t d t be eoveted Ptopetty covetage 1'11~ to

.op an ont L‘prCC|a mg, tneantng . t t , .
whoa — l cnnged you wtll get the dcprcclatcd value he wntten a.- "Sperm! Fotnw to uffnr
 , v -lk‘h.B -be.
"RL‘rnL‘rnbcx all I tn.-t .atd about valtte. °‘ :"““""‘ ‘IN’ ‘[‘dl““°t“"VY°‘} ‘j ‘" ::‘|::f‘m'n  ‘xmfx: ’1"~“‘nh:“d"‘"

.at ewayyoutpotcyt.wtt en Y K Y ‘ 7 El 1, .. T}, K be
 ;,:‘::;:f:..l:::2:;:;:?:t::il:;., v::a“:f,:,:t:$:::%';.a;,:;::t..
‘“l‘‘“‘‘ M“'‘““ ’,,““d " " “°“’ “ “"‘°‘° teplacetnent co.—t, whtelt wtll ltkely be Bu.-tne.-. vet.onal Ptopetty) ot undet
dtttetent antntal , _ _

wtthtn a ptogtant watch tot tt, a.k lnland Manne. Mo.t ate wntten a.
Inland Manne |S u.ed tot equtptnent about tt Ptopetty, and l wottld wnte nntne that
“W1 *°‘“" "“"“' ’ 5‘'"‘'’“‘'3’ ‘“““‘° "‘ But a unt tetatot chlonnatot my’
"‘°‘“‘ ’ W‘ 5“ ‘''‘“‘‘‘'°‘“‘' °‘‘“‘‘’"‘"‘' « P « P’ ‘I ( / t K K’ --) Now ttvou dun’l have 1n Vtlun but
'3” “W   ht °°"~'“°'°d  ::,<:I[I‘l:rfi[I‘):hL1‘x:xctl‘;" §i'o.1}'§t'a“t2S‘ ‘li‘.Ztca eaatpaettt ’\
d a to. computer‘? go
"ptopetty." And, tt wntten a.- ptopetty, . , 1 ,4 , 4 1 [
*"'1“°‘“W"*°*~W‘m’~ “"?.'f‘"d b'33L§7"7“J’°3’° th~ t“a‘t°§aa1'}.§§Z3ZéJ5ei°§‘51"$ZKtI;ve.
ptttnp., tnotot.-, aetatot., lank~, ete., W" ‘" ““ P"’|’“"3 ‘Pm ‘"5 °“ ‘ ‘ ’ _ ' — ‘ _

eontpany and type ot poltey ltntldtng and content. and tnventoty a.
ean cotne llndcr blanket eovetage (the W“ M Equipment mp the mmpmm
total of the value. uiuncll ttent lt.-ted Thzlt’~ the thtng; a eotnpany ean on W Pm m, ’ ’
on the poltey t. added up). That total wttte any "..peetal kInd"1.»fpul|cy P ’
t.- the atnount ul the Blanket and can be they want They ean (and dot wnte Generally, your agent wtll attempt to
appllud to any dantaged ot tle.ttoyed poltete. tot vattou. type.- ot gtoup. match the eovetage. and eotnpany be.t
ttetn. Tht.., eleatly, |s how you can get 7 pt1rl|culE\\Ily tt a gtoup t. both latge to what your buaxnm don» Today“
away wtth the value ot an ttent betng enough and needtng .-peetal eovetage -ruurancc markctplact‘ H cvmlamly
.otnewhatlowet than what tt take. to tn ccrlzun .tntatton... They wtll develop clmnsms- It“ In yvurbml tntcmt to
teplaee tt a "ptogtatn" —whtch wtll apply to clmck wtth your agent betote rcncwal
S g I g d __ k‘ V eettatn people dotng cettatn thtng. ttnte to mc1kL‘sumt1'1cIL‘hn'l.sun\\c new

W P0 M“ R" =°mW"<~ m L W“ Wat. ca,.a,,. ,,,a.,,,,m_a..a no eontpanv program thatwtll bnmsr .ene

lt.t out eaeh ttent and, tr damaged, wtll 1

V d I Y I I H Y ‘ Lvlhcxs. They even have whole tn.utanee yout lttt.tne.. yottt agent may not
P“) “°°"‘ ‘"5 ° 3 "“' ‘7 ‘ 3°“ W“ eontpante. devoted to (even named [or] catch eaeh new trend, but tt tt benent.
off, well, too bad 7 that 5 all tt t. gotng
eettatn type. otbtt.-tne.-.e. ot entttte.. you, a~k hum to »~1wl>y<=ur r=nvwal%
to pay so aectttacy |S vety nnpottant ‘ ‘
Bet that they have .peetal ptogtatn. and not 1"“ for putt, but for tht but films

wtth an lnland Marne poltey totnt And mm M, — mmgc M you

"blt1nkul~” dun’! apply. That en.-tonnet ‘g ”

.hould now teally clmck and find out so, you ean get pump. and motors, lt t. yout bu~lnc~s and yottt muncy Dont
the cuttent value. ot ht.- ttent.. etc, eoveted undcr Ptopetty — leave tt tn .onteone el.e'. hand.-. 3

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