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n my last amclc (wntten In mslallcd. when .y.tern. ae.-rgnert tnr hnw enn they pD~'s|bly cnhancn plpzlmn
5ePtembcr), I menuonnd vnry low pre.anrea (about 0.5 pflg) are aaicty?
cxplu~'n.»n~ m Maasachuseth From exposed M.» pmmurc orders cf a hrgher Look M An N, "73 P|pdmL_
the Nzmonal Transportation Safety nhjgnfludng (nbnnt no png), very bad way Mmgmm Sywmms ‘D bc

Board (NTSB)w-sb nte "On septernber lhnngahappen. It appears that tlu~ may mmpmmd by mfmm mm mm
13, 2013, ahnnt 4 p.m caslezn dayltghl have been what neenrreat. mm [mm

tnne, an uvnr-pmasure of n lnw- d d 1 I d

pmmum natural gas dtalnbutmn “'3” 2'” "‘““§’ '“ '1" ‘ “““ :"‘’‘’0‘;‘ By the trme you mad Illh, PHMSA3
ayatnm occurred in the etty oiLr1wmncc '“ C “*3” ““ ‘"‘P "M" “ ‘°“T1 cn.- I’1pnl|n2Adv|sory commutes
and the tnwn. ofAndovcx and North :11; SI>l;P§1tl;'e :I:}1‘:::m}fn}t1§'::=I1=£:nd‘e (GPAC) Wm hm Cgynplcled nm,.he,
Andovez rn Ma..nehnsett. that 1 ‘d:"m; mdmfmh W1“; Wm Ihmt: days of hczInng~ regarding
re.nIted In fircsorexplo~Ions'atuvcr60 Y‘ ,, fr ‘ _: L}. I proposed clmngzalo gasp|p£lmc~afcty
lucr1l|on~'." The |nvcsl|galIon |a ongoing. 5“: ti:  regntatrona that ongmaltzd in Augual
On Nnvnmbur1-1,ZUl8,NTSBI~sund an M1‘ E’|'m“fl:d rmdumdmmu1d*hm 2011. Mnyhe part: of the final rule
urgent Safety Reen-nrnendnt-on Report Ed‘ qhguld h"m hm fouciwcd mm will be publhhnd |n 2019. Sumnllmm
(SRR) By then, mom mfozmauon wa. mccdummm mama pIogma~'tr1kL*~'r1LONCumn

available "T1\\esys(L‘mDvcrprcsaum P U

nul next tnne, rernernher tlml rt Ls
am. ., u, eatenacnrs

“‘ W“ 13‘ ‘”“°“"“‘ "“'“d‘"g “' E ‘ “ P ‘ b ‘ H ‘ “ ‘“““°‘ rnneh better to he a htt1e ton camful
least five home. that were dcslmycd c,,mp,Ehmd a,.yu,,e ,m,.,1m1 wan[|ng mm to not qum be Emmi Enough

In the nty of Lnwrenee and the town» Ihmga ltkn tlu~ to happen nn then

of Andover and Narth Andnver Mont wnteh — no mallcr their role), very bad If .nrnetlnn dune nnt scnm nglll, SAY


of the damage wa. a maull of structure ,},,,.g, happened or no ,.,nrnet1nng.r Q

fires Igmled by gm-funlnd appliances.

Scveml slrucluxns were dcslmyzd by Whffl‘ 4°53 |tA“"_1L"'°t‘E7 "‘}fl‘“:: ““‘/3:" _

natural gm explchlnna. one pemn Pet Eek‘ e 1 "ltflhe tn“ 3%»; ‘ /em. [ucabz 1'eI:m1]mm PHM5/i.

was killcd and at luaat 21 rnahvmtnnh, nmtnkea rftjae -ttde (an;-»‘h mahgéefo far qttcslzmzs or mIrmm1I5,cmmI
mcludmg two firefighters, were fihtftbee Mt“ fit)“ dedcflg u I: a [mum ]]tzcobz(¢lJ5brglt7mzI.m'I

transported to the lmaptlal. seven oLhex ave een many a P

firefighlezs reeewed mmur Inyurina." °“t<°t“°-

wn ‘"“°V"iP::?"E¥:.::$;:;:;t::‘t a :1
event. be prevented |n the suture? The >0-ne trne nex y x » If E 3 
P,,,pM of am NTSB ,,,m.,gm,,, ,, U, num2mu~ cumnbulmg teeter. and W1 5

 thee two .ane.-t.e.n.-  ;;:):;f’t1:j~1:f;:§|§j:::j"~- _g HEB
In my oprnron, the short amwcr |S ,,,,11a1,,“,,m,m,n1y bu Pmpmd E 9 4 2 5 3 V 1 5 7 3
human error. Cast Iron PtPe wna be-ns and enacted. wtu 1 ehne. bc any : 3 e 1 5 s 7 4 5 2

P P ., _
rePlneed wtth modem, rehable Plum: aaiez’ I hopn so. That we, ti the new 3_ 7 5 8 A 2 6 ‘ 3 9
ppTh ll thtth gl pl llth> J
- er ere ta ~Peeu a tan a e re u aliens are so tom nx (1.1 ey ean ,
ex-at-ng Pte~'»-Ire ~'en~'or~' were left tn he understood Lmly by rnrhvrrhret. wrth 8 
Plate on the old PiPe and the new we ynaxs cf lralmng or byl1'1E|ndlVldufll~‘ 3 
dml not have sun-lat Preas-he ~enwn whn erentea them m the .ttr.tp1ace,

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