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3 By Bah Nlglvswunger
Tea mwork: A Req ul rement for Safety
always enjoy watching the NBA mudificatlon project. A plan shoulel be excavation at Planned lniervele When
:[playotts.. its a chanee to take olevelopeol anol provided to the pipeline excavation 1» Within 10 feet of H Pipeline
a nrsthanol look at a group ot operator well in aelvance of breaking or enmintz the PiP?r the technician

individuals eorning together to achieve groiinol on the projeet. must be there to observe the excavatxon
victory by tiinolainentally execiiting and backfill.

playsin theirgaineplan. lt takes Clear and Concise

extensive planning cooperation anrl Communimion

coorclination to piill ott a win. This type _ a . _ _ 

of teamwork takes plaee thoiisands " ' ‘ J ‘ F . ottenses anol oletenses constantly

ot tiines a year between hazanloiis - . ,. coinrnirnieate rliiiing the gaine They
inaterial transinission pipeline ‘ ‘V A3 I ‘l "—‘ coinrnonieate when they see certain
representatives and lndividunls anel , —— _‘, _\__ ‘ torenations to insiire they are all un
crews taskecl with sately excavating .. — V r- _ _g_ »— the saine page. clear anol concise
aeross buried plpelines. _ ‘ ' " y * cnmmunicntiun between the excavation
sately oligging on or aeross a hazardous $5, “'2'.” “"d "‘P“‘.‘“° ""P“*“‘“"“° ‘”

. . . critieal tor a win.

material pipeline nght-or-way takes ;

teainwork. These lines otten contain - V y  critieal intorenation is also

volatile liqintls or natirral gas iinoler t ii» -~ / coinrnirnieateel troin the bench during
extrerne pressures. Each step ot the _. - _ the gaine This intorrnation provioles
proeess niiist be executed by both .U—'- y‘ '- 5 the teain with the best ehance to be
pipeline representative anol exeavation ‘ ' ‘ . ‘  ‘ siiecesstiil.

crew. Both halves ot this teainwant to  -‘ V , l _ ’.i Cg‘ ' , ' . .

bz M We and d I _  bl _ V‘ xt Q _ . ‘L _> , _ i at ‘ Providing the location ot the olig

Pm ‘“ “" ““ P.°"‘ ‘ . . - -“N ‘ l . e site the type ot work and eontaci
when the team inakesawinning gaine 3" iv  1 y»..; _E;_», v i ' .
I d h 1 th ‘ \\‘ ii. _ E i gxo V .1 2. «,_ , _» intorrnation to the regional 811

P ““ ““ “C P “Y” “‘ E 9”“ l H‘ t - . ~ « :‘ tii'-icatioii center is crucial rior to
exeeiites their assignments, the team _').,. i. ii’ , -,'».  ~ ti v. i M . P

Wm .3. t ':lV:‘ . ix,‘ > , \ 3‘ ,, ‘l_\:i‘”  i beginning any ROW erossing. when

.,;._  ,;,i‘ ,3‘. \ H.  ‘ .'- -j. \ = - the pipeline representatives receive the
Here are iiist a tew exaenples ot the it. Ii.‘ yifi H» Ti ._ .~  ix. notit-ications, they begin their research
plays executed ttiiring the ROW Team Meem to see it a potential Confllcl exists. lt no
crossing 8 contliet exists, the pipeline technieian
. . A“ time excavation .aga,. in on a will provide a positive response back to

P1““'““3 “"1 P"P“m‘°" pipyzillne ROW, a pipeline representative the caller ot the one call reqiiest. lt there
Making a winning ganie plan is a iniist be present This pre-excavation i~' n wnfllclr the pilrehne technician
crircial part ot any sport or proiect. ineeting allows pipeline teeh to notiiies the ealler of the nnliflcntiun
Projects near the pipeline that may leaol a teain meeting with the erews to arrange an onsite ineeting with the
involve lanol inoolii-ication, like parking pertoi-ining the work. During this face crew lrnor to breaking ground on the
lots or dralnage ditches, require Io—fn(2, the teain makes a game plan iight ot way. ln some cases the caller
experi engineering in planning and prior breaking groiinrl so everyone is or the notlficatlon is not actiially the
implementation to ensiire pipeline on the saene page For inany operators, versvn or foreman in charge of the
integrity anol satety. There may be a this is also the time that a ROW excavation erew lt is ciitical that the
contlict between the eiirrent loeation permit or agreeinent is presenterl poeinve reavense er the requeet fer a
cf the pipeline and the needs ot the which elociirnents anrl connrnis a clear meeting ’L~' ncknewledged by the caller
lanrl inoolitication proieet. The pmluct iinderstanoling. Noi-inally, it excavation and passeol on to the toreinan ot the
planning process inay indicate the neerl is within 25 teet ot the pipeline, the 105» I have heard several stnriea of

to relocate the pipeline or alter the lanol pipeline teehnieian iniist monitor the coinrniinieation gaps that have leol to
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