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around formerly isolated transmission llnes
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anrral gas has been a a populated area might have dozens either be rnarked or for the utility
rnnrnstay di Mtsnsstpvr or hundreds or landowners along companies to respond that they have
energy stnre the early a pipeline 7 and each one ui them no iaclllhes in that area. in Mississippi,
woos, connecting residents, eventually would like a new tence, tree state law requires that you call at least
etnnrnerre and industry thrvnsh a or mailbox two, but not more than to-working
iazalyerintn of Wes that ensscrnss the TM,‘ Why “H 50 impumm to can 8“ days in advance of the planned work
or go online betore any digging activity, whether a high-pressure transmission

And While gas transrnissron eornvanres Tim said. The gas industry does a good line or other utility should cross the
have always sought to locate rush lab of monitoring their pipelines and proposed worksite, existing utilities
pressure transmission lines in less- maintaining signage at road crossings should be treated with respect and
Populated areas. as towns gmw beyond and long Right-Of-Ways But that kid gloves And the location of the
their original borders, otten those doesn't alleviate a home. or business. underground facility should never be
pipelines end up in places you might owner's responsibility to contact taken tor granted.

not expect lvlississi i811 two-workin da s . . ,

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im ason, irec or o ea an are expect to ue to erosion or

satety with Enable Midstream Partners, "Our employees are responsible for relocation, so always dig with caution
and a registered envrron-nental pipeline patrol, making sure they are and use sarer digging techniques like
manager, has worked in the natural adequately marked," Tim said. "We vacuum Excavation and potholing

gas industry for decades. He's make sure theyre rnarked line-to-line around known taeilities.

seen instanees where all kinds of 9.. mg. n H I

development goes on top of tormerly As an operator many nrnes Penvle
mm, infm‘mmm Tim said crews often come up with have asked how deep is a certain

Mr I I 1 ‘ d b 1 h h creative ways like inlaying markers in piper" Tim said ”Tl1nt‘s not a good

ve seen we mes oea e e ow rs concrete to denote pipeline crossings question, because we live in a dynamic

sohool tootball iields, golf courses and as a less intrusive way to mark a environment Dun'l assume 1I’~‘ deeper
in ddse prnxnnity tn condos/’ Tim said pipeline, but still make it obvious that a and sate to dig even if you're going to
Them,‘ nothing Wong mm dmloping transmission pipeline is present di‘%lW1'125ElynIX“d§|;11'ISQ2 rnarkers. You
property that exists above underground Whzre can I dig? °" 3"“ ° ““ “’ 7““"“ "E
infrastructure, and pipelines are by far m"_ f "“Yb‘;‘"'“‘ ““‘:‘5° “W W“ “"5?
‘he mm made 0, ‘mspomgm ,0, If yuu plan to dig anywhere in the an issue a ve groun .

this type or energy. But its important Erie-11 [States yrafirgrie reqtrtrgd by , k we all live, work and play near multiple
for the folks who inhabit that area to be E” "W '0 C“ 1 0' a“ m“ a "E 9‘ k.,..i_. E; .,,,dQ,Z,,,.,..d .,.,i,.;.3,, A.
aware of what lies beneath their teet. :{“'“'(9 a"dl‘l~a;;:‘~PeGfied lfennd ff long as W mm mm mpg mpgd and

landowner for several square miles. nut ‘}“="‘ “‘ P*“'°“ “ ““"“°‘Y .
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