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CenterPo1nt Energy stresses the lmportance
of commumcatlon when tackllng pro] ects,
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e   Ey Me/lssx Hancock
enter;-otnt Energy, lne_, n "Yuu’m gotng to stt there and thtnk, area that we're fixing to tnnye tn gtytng
dorne,-ne energy rlelrnery ’VVl\\al does he mean by space?’ But one them a chance to go wtth u~ a~ tltc
curnpany tlnt .netnnte, ot the thtng. wtth the uttltttes ts that protect l~ gotng on."
d eleetnr trnn,-r,n.,-rnn 3. were rettutred to tttstall our uttltttes A M Ma Changed mm um day. when
tstrtttttttott, natuxal gas dhtnbullon m ba~-zany a at moot semen on the me me . .
tust the baste ttttltttes ottt
and energy ~crvlr:L‘~ nperattans.T1te 0-Itnnnvalcdgc vi ‘h“'El“"-““""“)’5 ,h d , , d It‘
e.,.a,,nywt.rtt...naa.7,ttt tmmet~etmnse~«eawhm n:;,“‘" ;""tZ,“.““.‘f’?“'"“ .1:
crnpluymgsandopt3yg“c.tn3Z mulllplcutlllllns~l\\arc Lhalllmltnd “:13”? sffsfh =
has been tn bustness tor more than amountuiap-1mlI'~ very rhallmzms ‘ ’ ‘ "ya a D O t mg‘
_ are betng bumd tntn tlte ground
140 year,-, lncludjng rt, t,redeee,..n, to try to make sttre that we place ottr And M ml , Lh
, y at, but you no longer

eornpnnte.- ln.t.,r.e,_ ul|l|tlL‘~, any new uttltttes, or replace mmmly hm PM one hm {Or am
Mtke Wulfc l~ centerrotnt Energy's  back mm mm Mm" fivflom utility In Ihrm Them can be multlplc
Mtsstsstppt dtstt-tct operattons manager ‘ ‘mm Tclvvlwnv my hm thmc or four
and ennstders rt an ltnnor tn .Pealt en Centerrntnt Energy attrl thetr dtrterent cables tn the ~t1|'nC lucallon
ltehnll or l..,- cun'|Pany_ ~l to n,,t,ree.,.te cantracturs an thetr but to proteet the and tltat al~u tnttst he shared. It’~ very
tlns enmpnny l nterlt tn, nnrl, Vnn tntegrtty otboth thetr uttltttes and otlter dtrhcult and very tongmtsd out tltere
knnw, ttts done well tor rne late getter. ul|l|tlL‘~ tn and around them locattnns. at tunes. You have to be cauttous when
to meet .o rnnny elrtterent new People "Of course, our goal l~ tltat no rlarttage. you are worktng those loeattttns."

and ttg snelt a l,le,,-rng tn be n Part at sltould nccur wlttle we're wurklng tn MM say‘ (hm are flung. um ‘ht

thts and to be able to tnteract wtth tlte «ht-we mm W: In‘ alwaw tryms 10

cortttnuntty." pertat-tn tltat wnrk ~aft:ly. That can he a “"‘"V °""‘P“"'“‘ ““d °‘1‘“ V°”"“d

dmucngcg, patttes can an to make the lub~ at

CQn[Q[Pg|n[ Enugy 1“. off-tux. “H0.-5 localots caster. "I've always bCl|CVL‘d
the gtant .tnte n; M,,.,.,.,,,,. tnnl, lmtl. To help wtth kl'1l~ challenge Ccn(crl"ulnl Cummumtallun was the key. Mtsstsstppt
large nnrl srnnll proteet, gguqg on all Energy tatthtully ullllms the sertttce. am llmts tnulttple rnontltly datnage
over then onerntrng area, melnrlrng or 811. "Cuntcr[’ulnl Energy reeogntzes preventmn rneettngs across the state.
ga. npgtnrle. nnnl reeenter wl\u’~ actually rlntng the loeattttg and These rnCL‘l|ng~ glvc uttltty operators,
renlneements "pfolcctg me butt. tug we want to make ~um we are worktttg tnuntctpaltttes and contractors the

and srnnll dfipcndjng en tlre neert, along wtth thnse loeator. who are oppnrtuntty to ~wap phone numbers,
or that loeannn we [nay l.nve new responsthle tor dotttg all the lorattng so yott can get to rcsolvc problems
tntrnarnetnre tnntl, ggjng n. Plnee and give tltetn the opportuntty to get or ‘who do l need to call?’ You get to
tor sttltdtvt.-tnns tn .._,rne nren. tnnere out there and locate thtngs properly, dhnhs ongotng protects that are taktng
therels gyo\\v(l][ak1ng Plnee, and tl.en wtth enough ttrne to do so " place rtght then and you also get to
3"“ "‘‘‘3’ l““’“ "’"‘° ‘°P'“°“"‘?,“' Reeogntztng that ralltng tn seettons at a d”'"“’ ‘"""° P'°‘m"’

P‘°’““‘ ‘“ "'l‘“‘ “"5 “" W“ ‘W’ protect that won't be exrayated befum "The reason rlear eornrttuntrattott ts
Mlkc "We want to makc sure lha| ’ ’

W m mm!“ M mm of an 0‘ am the locale ttcket exptres, Mtke says, so ttnpartant ts that tt gtyes tts all the
mmmm ,, 3 * "We call ottr locates tn a tew blocks at a abtltty to know what ts rorntng up. The

” llmc and glvn tlmm Lhc tlmc tlmy nccd ablllty to be able to locals all iarllllltw ls

As centerpotnt Energy wnrlre to rte ,..,t to get ottt there and locate thase area. crtttcal and tt benet-tts everyone who's
that, there ere rnnnt, elnllengeg that and then a~ the protect prngresse. (atta gotng ta be tnstalltng those faEllll|L‘~
can at-tee when nngrndrng /renlnerng wu’rc talktng abottt large protects) as undclgmund. lt's all about rooperatton
gn. d..n-ttsnnnn ,-y,-tern._ uspaee ,. R that protect progresses, then we call and eotnrttunteatton." Q

blg eltnllenge tnr n.-_~ Mrlte eXPt,..n,._ tn adrltttnnal locale. tn cnvu the new

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