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Mississippi dig law enforcement actions 2018 Summary
Sllmmzlry Numbers
E ‘. Did not locate within
“av” "'9 required time
6% "
. 28%
- Fm-‘ Second
V'°la$,'°"s Violations E".‘a"a'i"9
13 /° 15% 25% without a
. onecall ticket
Failure to locate
Pegflyes Mechanical excavating
'’ within the marks
68 Cilaiions Issued 194 Alleged Violation Reports (AVR) sullmme-l
[though enforcement became Ruml Water and American Cuuncil at quarter Moe will pmmde a summary
cffnclivu Ian 1, 2017, the Engineering of me lam quarter activities
°"f°‘°“““"' b°‘““1 “I” M‘ Following me appolntmcnb, nu. Addmooally, «he board h m Lhc pmcnas
tomplntcly filled until early d H be H _h E d lb d f f
mandqumHDi2U17 meme grollpwlela uteatzi |a mg 9 Ematliiga an Dar 9 en omemem
rulna fox me orderly adminlalratiun aeuom on the home page of their

The 16 member emememem buazd la and opemmm cf Lhc board, but al.o web.-ne. You an encouraged to go to
made up of ~Iaki:}ioldnn mprcsentlng to provide for a fair and eommem www irlsrlmtmgcplrJ('m‘1uVl.(Lml to see llae
me following gmups Ml.-.l.-alppl application of the law Fullowlng la|e~t updates

311, telncommunlc.illon~, excavator public eemmem, tlinsc rules wem

In 2012:, there were 194 alleged violation
gmup~, lnveiloi-owned eleeme adopted and can be found on me E Om (AW) mbmmd mm“ h
pownr.i~wclatlon~,Electric Power eotomememlaoards wcbsill: at hp *1 ‘E ’ H‘ ‘N 5d
Aasotlallnna ofMls~l~slppi, MDOT, wwilmilsd/1rlmgtprei/tm‘iwl.tum. ‘f’-j“ “; °““ ?‘ Cf“ ‘ "““d °3
cam mdmm Plpdm Sam}, Dwm“ mm ms flltlngcplncrl zmntrml .m e mi’
— Fuzlhnnnurl‘, u as me de.-lee of me web.-axes. or me 194 .-ubmmeos, 79
(noovouog member), natural gm or
_ board to keep me public mlommel as war: dctnnnlncd not to be a violation,
"“““‘ "““““'”“°“ '"d“‘”’'’ ““‘“‘“l u mlatns lo the Enforcement iclluns 47 wem mil undo: mvem auoo md es
go. urllquld dlatnbution indu~!|')’. k 51‘ _ I Y“ fd 1 ’ d ’ ‘d b ’ ’§ _‘ d _
MMWW Awmmm Dfsupmhm la en. I: am: e \\'l| pmu e (in were cti:i1nlnL to e via anon. an a.
M _ _ _ _ 2013 Summary. In me M.»-mpp. an a re.-oll, olauom were mailed, xemlmag
halaslpp|Aa~DE|i1l|Dn of hormonal M Ch _ \\ ‘h _ _ H I d V‘ 1‘ _ lh
Sumvom MML’ Mmmppl agazinc ea h.suL, l~ apzlcn W) m mining an em peoa .e. m e
— _ _ . . be devoted to providing a ~ummary amount of 59,250 on Q
Homelmlldem Amociatlon, M.......pp.
by quarter. Fur cxamplz‘, me second
2019 Issue 1 Mlsslsslpw an . 5

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