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Haye yett eyet seen what a watet tttatn haye a b|g yard! You would need to otcur as tn tltts atttele, the watet

can do te a madbcd7 If yett haye, tlten btttld a peel e1buul267[L\'t long (alntost epetatnt was nntthed by tall, huwL‘vL‘Yt
yen know, berete the watet ptess-ttte as- long M a rttetball held). so reet nattenal stttdtes tell as that when yntt
eettld be tedtteed wtth yalyes-, a tew wldn and 10 net dccp. Ptthlte ntatet ate given the oppettttntty ta laeate
httnelted Teet ui thts ntatn stteet was sttppltets ate als-e providing watet ynttt watet ltnes-, datnages Occur less-
game‘. The :|ty'~' s-totage kank~ were te :lppmx|n1£ltL‘ly3UU nulllon peeple than on: peteent (1%! at the tttne.

ttt ‘Nlpardy et l()~lng yttal ptes-sttte te at s-tngle—ranntly and rnullkfamfly WC undmmnd ‘hm mm “ mm In
avold a boll ntdet, sen tees tn tltat part dwclllng~

_ , H ‘ _ __ prolccllng ttneletgtettnd nttltty ltnes
er the etty wen lest, bath httstness
watet ltttes ate eyetywhete, rlght~'- than tttst tzllllng. lsttt c><cavzm.»r~ ncud
attd testdenttal, and tt was neeess-aty —
1.»f—wzly~' ate ()\'CICrDWdCd and te tnake that call tn B11 bcfum they
te dctmlx atettnd nnatn stteet nnttl the —
, beeatts-e of tlte tneteas-eel awateness dtg, attd tr yen haye |IndL‘rgrOund

tead eettld be tebtttlt. Tlteteweteethet M“ K _ [ M H “M _dk b “N
"°2<““"=   “'"‘'v ‘M  Zaae‘."l’ZTfa“2Tat§Z.§'Z£fh'fal.e. at Tail $5543 Ts" 112} S L‘::t:/'‘llL‘L

3“ ‘}‘° ‘’'“''‘’°‘ and r\.\EIalWt1lL‘:'~‘y~‘lL‘l1’\s ate bccunugg neat yottt nndengtttnnd ltnes- A watet
Tlte mzllorlly oi AmL‘rlca'~ population tnetnbets at am systems bL‘:zlu~c et the epetatnt who heeante a ntenthet of all
gets thett watet deltyeteel rmnt a pcr(L‘l\'Cd yalne nrhetng netthed at teld ttte, "Artet becoming a ntetnhet
p|IHlc—s|IppIy system. Thts- tnakes Impending cxcavatlon tathet than by et 811, l was ~‘|IrprI~Cd by tttst how
sense, as Atnenea's populalmn new legts-lattye cn[1.»r:L‘mL‘nl. ntany tteleets wete bclng called tn
Iargclv ltyes- tn tttban aentets. And tat ,, that l would hate neyet known about

— _ , , As one nttal watet CED stated, lt , ,,
these et tts whn haye :1'l1.»~L‘n te ltt e tn 1 M b_ b k H y b_ _ betete.
tntal ateas-, lt1ets- tntteh bettet beeattse * “‘“ ‘ “ "“‘“’ ° “ °‘" "“"‘ "‘ , ,, , ,
, _ by new tltat the best |rh|Irt1n(L‘ pollcy l ye been as-leed, W hat s the (mt te be

'“ ”‘° “““"“ ” “"“1‘”‘” ‘V““"“’ thett W’\kL‘r systent C’\n htye ts- te know a ntenthetv" The platn truth ts tlttt tt
D0mL‘~U( deltyenes by publlt watet when someone ts digging neat thett doesn't m~'L tt pays- one ttnneeess-aty
sttppltets new tetal tnete than 24,n0n ltnes. At least bung a ntenthet of an dzlmzlgc et ene hetl etelet ennld eastly
ttttlltnn gallnns pet day (MED). Te gtyes the npetatet a ehanee te pmteet enst ntete than the nnennbetshtp

pill that tn pets-peettye, ti yen wete a hts s-ys-tent " Comm MMMW M1 to find out
sW|mmlngrpO()I btttldet and a etts-tnnnet

“km W“ m bu“ a PM that would ztts trlic that ]ut~t hetdtltg a ntentbetk why E m;1k(I‘:~ s-ense te beeente a

held a nntllten gallnns, they had bettet “‘*" 5““"“‘ °* “ “"‘“5‘ ““" '“‘"‘ “ ° “F” U

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