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power and farm lxngatlon Iltlllzc lhe en a what: hlghway played was required
to a heme m the U 5 is about $2.00 for I _ _
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1,UOUgallun.~,w1\l:h equal. about 5
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- The avuagc Amcntan famlly u.e. lsxzlmplri, allumng down a watnr aupply alrcnl ul that uty. An all uckcl wai
man: than aml gallons‘ of Walt! pm’ to an aupen, emee Complex or bnauty called m, thc uullty eumpame. were
day at heme. Raughly 702:, cf lhu u.e near-led, the tonlmcmr waueul tlm
occuh lnduon. appmpnatn ameum of am to alluw the
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‘“‘1“"“" 3”“ %“"°"‘ °‘ ‘”‘“°‘ “’ lhe ll)-lnch wale{mam runmng m the
Pmdum alrccl under pavement

- There 311‘ an uallmamd 7oll walcr mm may hm mm mm gm‘

mm ‘wk P” “W 0" M‘mg= ‘H W mas'ol1~nu{ to expose elm uullllcs ..
”""°d 5”“ wa. under pavemem, tlmm wen: ume
. 397, 9; mm. m ey,m,,,. .1“. (MM, and (11: fallback tlunklng
Wain! to mom than lllllmm pmlplc am mun Cm be mm than a ha,,_m,,,,,g may hm bcvnu"1'l1l-Mborv dwpvr
buwm. 4., and an ym, old, Cxpmcm but dmwmg a mm than Lhu lme... VVlmlcvcx the good

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. Am. finally an ,,,,,,,a,, body  .up,aly to a l.a.,alal could prove to be ffigm33:53:32]1;7'3‘1:*;,;t::l;j‘:"%
alafue 5012, water and the human braln cala~tr°l:hI<» H mmcd M to bu a bad chum the

-~' /3/~ watch Kccvmz our Wmr And mme of these dwruplmna addmsi cunlxactux bored through the 10—m:h
'"‘“‘~‘“m“m ~“° W‘ *l‘1'“b1*‘'*‘ “ the Impact to (In: walcx ay.-«em. and water mam

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