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ver |he 1a.1 decade, The use of vacuum e><cr1vatuI~ uulny rhe erew 1. lrymg to rwmd and
mumnpal pubhe work. 1~ eunudered a be~tpxr1:l1eefur get an accurate depth of Lhat fae1l1ty.
departments both large and extavauun by the Common Ground Thar helps when they (I15; near another
~mz1lll\r1ve added vacuum Alliance, r1 nat1onr1leonsomum ui uulny and gwei them r1n1dez1 about

ereavauan equipment to lhe1rl1alof exeava1or~, l1.»:alor~, one can ayalem~ where to 1ay tl\e1r water lme

avallable (cola. and ul1l1ty .-1akehn1der. who promote ,, ,

damage pxevenuun wuh the proper ""“1"}“‘ “'3 “W 3”“ ’° “°‘ ‘“PP""‘“‘
Vacuum extavr1l1un syilema, whrrh to have any meehau.ea1 equlpment
lramlng and eqmpmenl, CCA :on~'1der~ ,,
u~e a lugll-prcs~uIe blast cf watex to wuhrn 13 mehe. of the maxk~, he
. vacuum extavauun .... appxopnate ,
reruuve dm from an e><cr1vat1on ~1le .sa1d,refernnglo M1aslsa1pp| . damage
allemauve to uamg hand 1uu1. to ,,
and a large vr1EuIImtanl<|o suck up the prevenuun regulauons 1; there are
expose underground fac1l1l1ea.
mud, have became very pnpu1ar fax a urr1r1re.— 1n |he area, we can locate them
number ul Ieas'on~, but ver~r1l1l|ty tops Dlggmg close to exhung umrue. wuh a and find out rherr deprh. hexore we
Khel1ataccuId1ngIo at ler1~t one pllbhe haekhoe or other me::lIan1:alequ1pment alaIld|gg1ng.Alotoft1mea you can
work. dueclor. Intreaaea 1he thaneei cf a dangerou. open a hole half rhe a1z2 What we
d .1111! ' lld. thll Llnh"r
Rm“ PM Public Wk mm for an ens , .. . .r, . r. e .. vacuum WI 0 .. po 0 e1 WI . . .a...r..
extavauun greallv reduee. rhe hazards, excavator and um an excavator to mg
the cr1y..r1sa1u11u,sarr11u. depanment —
bulh 1"1nan:1r1lr1nd ~afely-related. down to 361ncl\ea and u~e the vacuum

purchased then vacuum exez1vr1lo1 7 “(Mm to fimha.

an 850 gallon Lo-K-Tm model — 1n "The ng we have (051 about $35,000

2008. The tool ve-as frequent use, both when we puxel\r1~ed1l, but one bad h1l Salullo locales the" own water and
for e><cr1vat1on and a number of other could c1.»~t you about $801311 1n repau.»/' ~ewerl1ne.~, but before they d1g un
u~e~ 11.roug}.our the my, makmg Rrehard mud an rn.-1a11auuu pmyen ..rr emergency
vanous laiki mueh er1~1er. Rmlmws cm, law a M U‘ ‘ht MW repair. they a1uray.- can MSB11 1n

,, , advrmte 1.. get ether uuhue. .n the

We uae1l3»4l1me~' a week. l m water lmea for the my, and Lhev use
7 area marked. Bu| exv.-w~ are allowed
actually loukmg to pumlmae anotllex rhe vaeuum ereavamr for pothollng a m um “mum ammo“ mdmlo,"R.e1.ard ~r11d "We use 11 rm wa1er ane .evera1day.- before a d1g to gel a ‘ ‘ 53’
, before rhe fz1c1l1l1es have been marked.
leaks and everylhmg 11 iavei a 1...: of eaeh ut1l1tyLl1at . wnhm rhe
unl1ke wnh urher tvpe~ of excavauon.

nme, e~pee1r1lly when uur water lme area marked by lotatuh after tallmg —

rs nerr lo a gm l1ne where 115 hard to M5811.Tlmllecl1n1que1nvnlve¢ uamg "A 191 cf umei we w1ll have an

ger other type~ u[equ1pment1n a ugh! |he tool's prewllre wand 1... make a hu1e emergency and we are ah1e to open 11
aput.” jusl b1g enough to get .1 Visual an |he mm-,,WED ON PAGE 9

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