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Enforcement Report Through Second Quarter
hls article is a regular feature ui the Missiiaippi 311 Magazlne. The Enfurcement Board wnnls the smkehulders (D be
lniormed as In the dispusirion of Alleged Vlolatmn Repnrls (AVR.~‘} aubmmed ncruss the stale.
cur-remly, there will be nu reierehces ID specific individuals or compzmles‘, but rather a summary of the speclfic alleged

vlolatlons aubmmed by categury as well as the number of Cilariuns that were lasued duung the same time frame.

A. the process matules‘, additional infunnntiun may be shared through «hrs article. The Beard is lmerested m your feedback a. it
relates in enfurcement, Llle ininrmatlnn shared ln thls article DI’ the process‘ uf enforcement.

To learn more abuul the law Dr rules of enforcement in Mlssisslppl, go to Ii yuu have infnmlztmn Dr
cemmems you'd like lo share with the Enforcement Board, please forward them In zllformmcnl@m5d/zm/zgeprcvewfiolt mm .

Alleged VIoIatIonType AVR Status
Through 2nd QTR 1 9, Tom.
5 1 0
41 I Nolickel I Open
I Du earl
9 Y . Nn Vlulzunn
S I Within marks
I Did notlocale I V '
88 I unrlmely locate
4‘ I Other
AVRS Submined Enforcement Action
Through znd om 7570.3.
en T
so u
I onlinenalning
as I
39 I Clvil Penalties
H - - - - -
an e. Mal ..,... May 
 em MlsrLmDP4 an . 19

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