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V hat Can Hurt MC 1 Oday
EV Kama Malina
Damage Przverlrlnn Manage: V V
Nu/1nv.msxTeus very day betore our work a way to veniy. Mitigating a hazard
Tewseil begins, we should go through like evidence of an uninarked tacility
some type or process to could be calling back in tor locator or
evaluate the work tor the stopping work it they encounter an

day as well as the associated hazards. underground line. Making a second
This process can include a selt-check call is important.

as well as a work area inspection and ,, . . . ,,
Vmpecfiun of ‘D013 0, Equipmsm Dryths o/utilities can be assumed.

‘, During this process a inain uliiective wrong. Locator depths are
V V should be identifying hazards so that approxiinate. Depths of utilities cannot
Jr , you can take steps to eliciiinate or be assumed. utilities must be exposed

mitigate the hazards tound one usetul to determine depth. A predictable
question to ask yourselt betore a work hazard is a rnislocate ur tailure to

task begins is, "What can hurt me? locate. The only way to assess that is

" ». " sure, it may seem dark and negative "’ ““‘°"T““‘ ‘h‘ Pm’? '“‘““°“ by
, ». . . daylighting dawn to and under the
, to ask yourselt this nght as your
. workday begins or when starting We
»: ’ a new work task but it can make ‘This [damage or injury] can’! happen
- V - V a diiterence in recognizing the to me."
' 1 ' hazards that could iniure yuu or
_: -IE4 Vommm “LE ‘hat ‘W mung am wrong. The Common Ground Alliance
;V question should trigger you to stop and ‘,CCA’ ‘“P°"‘ ‘hm “ “"9 '5 h“ “WY
" . V really look around your work area and "X "“““‘°”' 5""“ "“".""' ""“’ ‘“°".V' .
V ‘~ > consider what dangers you are dealing “°‘“|"*‘° “‘° P’°!°“‘ ""“‘ ““‘”‘“ ‘“l“’Y
_:\ mm nor incident However, many have
faced severe iniury, expensive repair
__ rake tor instance a planned excavation, costs. outages and tragically sonie
V  you should ask yourselt: literally do not live to see another day.
__»_ ' - ls there an active one call? ldentitying hazards and tollowing
- -  52°::::2:.:i:i:;::::“.::::,::.l:;i,
- Did every utility respond, is it really addressed and completed. Take the
E I ' sate to dig? timi and energy to properly mitigate
i V _ V _ tie azard so not only will you be
i D“ ‘ ““°‘“ ‘”’}‘“”“ “““’“5’°“““7 unaffected by it, but neither will your
_ - ldentiiying uncontrolled hazards eowurkez».
- _ - includes calling 811 tor a one call ticket WW2 A Pmmvs mmdsel and ammdz
~,— betore excavation. Your lite and the . _  Lh
' lives of others depend on it “E “:“'1’°""“‘k‘;” ““‘“‘“  .° 1
* t - wor p ace, as ng yourse cntica
Lets dispel a few negative perceptions questions such as ”WhaI can hurt cne
‘ regarding dainage prevention today?” can nigger you take the extra
t t ll l te t..-k.E
‘ "My rrsvvns-’bi'v'rvf-vv dwxe SE5 fail“. lyclEl:,aav::all;a: me:I:l?é
1"'”"'1"’" ""5 “"5" ’F“"_ 511- 1f while onsite before starting the ]nb.
5‘”""""'S ’“'PV”‘5 3" ‘5 ’“""'-" Take ownership of hazards in your
/ wrong. 811 does not locate lines. They work area and ~'ee to it that they get
coordinate with utilities and their fixeeh After nllr you never knew what
locating to have the area located. safeguard vr act-uh may make the
ditterence in preventing an ixquzy or

"Na marks : no utilities" dmh

Wn=ng- if there are "0 mhr1<~r‘hi»~‘ For more inioririation on dainage
mu“ "'9" it he» "01 been “Katee prevention and the one call process,
yet Posmve '?°P°“*9 sy~lem~' me please log on to the M5811 website I

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