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maria jawbl
You Be the Judge!
e ]u~'I eompleled ihe
longesl u.s ierleral Shwht he Permrrer-t-g HUW many I know [have been hard on congress
partial governrnenl ~h“td°Wrt~ 4° ye“ thtrrh We: the in ihis arliele. Thai said, the good
sliuidown in hislory. P°°P1'3v would see rf that were the me? news is that we in lhe us. have (112

laased on the news lzpozts, them is a Che ‘mt Shvt at Cuhgrese * theyfhvutd best form of governmeni in «he world
possibiliry that there may be another in er-Ivy the same retrrement benefit‘ and The bad news is ihal we can't even

ihe not-tuo—di~'tnnl iulure heetth Insurance °l>t_|°rr~' that the re~'t get along with ourselves even lhough
wh . _ D‘ the Pevutatrvrr ehwye and Dhey the we are all hypothetically all seeking to

“‘ }‘“PP*“’ d“““E “ ‘}‘“‘“‘°""“7 ahme ‘ewe improve. while saiely should never lie

"Nnn2s'senlial” federal employees are , g . .
hirloughed. whal is a iurloughz That What “Dee the‘ have t0 ‘*0 With Safety?  $f°;‘,g""”°
dzpmdi GQHEIEW it B an unpaid Jusi ihis; Life goes on even during a am,‘ flu it at arm” y y

leave orabsenee. some iederal ageiieies government »~'hrrtd°Wh- The famous ‘

(e.g, TSA) required their BTW — The PHMSA’s
employees work without pay. l\ cas Pipeline Advlsnry
some federal employees <e.g., «_ coriimioees (<:l>Ac's)
Air Trame conirollers) are ’ ,“\.L|  lalesl ruund ui hearings
required by law lo tontlnue _ . _\_ __ _ an regarrling proposerl

to work even iliough lliey _ ,3/,  ‘V 3‘ A .3 _, ' l 1.. W _ rlianges to gas pipeline
are on slnke and not getting i /‘ P»  ‘  ‘ ' ‘ ‘ saiery regulations Lhai
pairl For employees living V‘ ,5. r ‘ V ‘ mi, ‘1 I _ s \ ouglnatzd in Augusl 2011
pay check (D pay check, ihe ‘ 1 ‘ ' ,, -4 3 ;_ i‘ 1" vi 1:; yr‘ 1" ii; in were lmtlwned beeauee
hirlough was-anrlsiillis-a ,,  W ' ”' -* We-J‘  ;7'_'l_  3 :‘ Hkfifillm L ’~oftheshu::uwn and have
major problem. As a former 2 - ‘V’ _ 1.’. l I - . V t ' mi‘ nm, as of is writing,
federal employee, l have been , -‘a~._i_; ‘- A i been reseliedulerl. can
ihere and done that. It is you say effective in 20207
NOT iunll The only goorl news is ihal, , E _ f uh H .

invai-ialily, back pay and beneiiis (such Mr- Murphy §MIrrl>hy »~' Law) NEVER 9 ‘“ 2 °“ "9"

as earning vncatlon and siele leave) ‘em a matte" Dr see‘ an furh>ush- Mm [mm mmfmm PHMSA

ere Prevrdee‘ eve" te these emvteyeee ’‘°“‘“““‘‘ °“‘‘ “"""‘“» 1”“ b‘°“““ Far ueshlms ar cmumfrlfs mi-i
who did no: work At leasi Lhe affected Cor-slew‘ r» not eta-hg Its lob am} I WZWSM [ml W l‘ *
employees are, In some excenl, made ‘eder:1er:\Plvy)re!:;/:;r!:h as FIAA rhgtiht /7 3 '

Wholz inves ga ors, pipe me sa

irispeelors, OSHA invesrigaiors and

The word that gives me hearlburii NTSB invesli aiors are ”lo:k::d uul"

 "nune»senria1 " Is an employee  does not meai that accldents cannot flllflflflfl
"nonessenlial" and can be iurloughed and wlll noi happen. Furlherrnore, 
(ie, is locked D-rt from Perfunmng ihere is no way that there are enough 5 
iheir jobs unlike TSA employees and air ,ag.,im,y parsomi 0; any kmai .., 3

irame eonirollers) during a shuidown, be everywhere looking over YOUR 9, 
Why are they there In the firet place? shoulder to lell you lhat ivhai you are +3 
(That was and 1» a rhetrmcnl questiun ) doing may lie unsaie. Your saiely and g 
ln my view, the rirsl people to lose ihe saieiy of those around you is YOUR 9-

WY ehmrld be every »~'rr-sle member resporisiliiliryl Please, please, please 3;‘ 
DfCong'rE.~'s and all of their slats. They do no. rely on your governrnenl lo rlo g 3 3 5 4 9 7 2 i
should all lose pay and benefits untll ihe righi thing or pruleel you from your m 6 - 7 2 5 3 i 9 8
ihe issue is resolverl and that loss awn mai€_.,..a,.,.

1E~ MlsslsslPD!€1l 2019, !ssu22

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