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dldn’t know. They earned «he rne.-.age henre «o lhclr wlvca, «o

lherr clluxdlci and «herr lnrla 51.» r« was‘ a pre««y gaod uu«le« tar Xv) \

811.” g ’

preyennon ln pmvloui 1.»cEupr1l|un.~,hL‘ wrrne.-.ed «he dcatlw AMERICANMI DSTREAM

of «wo ro.worleer. rn .epara«e wurkplacc aenden«. anrl

pchonr1lly~uifcrcd an lnlury [mm a ayrng nrul «ha« pu« (ml: of

hm eye. ou« [ur thin: and a half ycr1r~. Those nvnma havn left

a la.-«rng rmpae« an lu. hce and .«reng«hen hm commltmcnt «o

.a«e«y «rarnrng

"n we can keep one per.en xrenr ge««rng hur«, r«'. worth r«," he -


Dunng «he Szlicty Day, charle. and Henry .-polre about «he nnnmmm

rrnpor«anee of eallrng B11 bcfum yuu drg — notlu~tr1lw0rk, cfllgqugpga.

but when y1.»Il'm dorng pro,ee«. a« heme, too.

"we were «here moat of «he day and dld a «wo and a half hnur 1" WW‘ 3" """9°"°I

pre.en«a«ron. They asked a ln« of good questions," Cllarlcs “' 3°“-”“352

mud ”And r«’. grea« «u do .« a« «hen hurne iaclllty wr«h all «he

cmpluycL‘~." .

charle. anrl Henry pm a spcclal Cmphaili on teamwork Am°m'°“" Ngds"°“d “:5

dunng «he eyen«, and ~p0kc abou« cvnrybudy rlrnng wha« «hey °.""‘ ‘Md, .°°" “ .."9

ean «o lreep eaeh o«her sale 7 no« ,n.« an «he wurlr.-.«e, bu« °“fr.°P9"§‘_’°“5,VV""r:‘.-F€"'!\5'V J
thmughoutthc logx-sg.o.rw99s>«?finIa,;'1;°. 

omlosa 1:9 orworklng nsar

"There's ~u rnueh .«un ln «he ground, you don't wan« (0 hr« om. P-henna;

anyrhrng," Charla mud "Any damage zlffuth your own v —

eonnnunrry 7 en««rng hber reuld ~hul down eyery«hrng ln «he

cmlnty. Damagrng a marn wa«er hne means a boll nouee «ha«

affncka «he whale commllmty."

The Ferre.-« County Safcty Day was well mcclvcd by  r _ ‘.’ ‘
enrpluyee~, .pealeer. and «he tomnlunlty, anrl Mrke ha.- plan. ‘ r . 1 .. L V

(0 host almllzlr eyen«. for «he euunry ln «he mhrre. He even . . l ' ' .
spoke to a county mad  mmtlng to tonvlncc lm Dial mg 81 1 cou|d , -l gr} l . " _
cmlnlcxpaxts rn o«her euunue. «o do «he ~r1mL‘, and iuvcml - l ._ ’ y ‘ y.
mad manager. have already ~l1uwn lnlL‘m~t ln havrng M5811 have prevented It‘ ’4 ' f'— .1 .
rnee« wr«h «herr cmploycca. r .3  a .l‘ [ r-

. — .1’ . -4’ l

"lt’~ a blg rleal «ha« «hey are u~ «a talk to «hem and z~ ‘ ‘ ‘ v ‘ y ' ~‘
ge« mlr mlswzlgc ln from of «herr community," charle. ~ald. ,‘ , _
"Thu r. une group we've been werlrrng hard to rearh we are ~ _ '
.«ar«.ng la .ee «he «nun o[nurlr1bm"' .‘,r
Mlkn .-arrl lreeprng a hgh«, fun zltmuaplmm was key to keeprng ‘ a.
«he audrenre engaged Tha« ran be a ehallenge when you - ; .

bung «oge«her dlffnmm employee grunp. llkc rnad anrl bndge l» , ' _
rna.n«enanee, reereanun, ~'L‘Emlzlncs' and other ~uppun .«a:« , . 4:. ‘ -'
But Mlkc rarne up wr«h a perreer blend of cxclmmunl and I  5: --
learnrng «ha« euuld be cr1~lly rephra«erl by o«her cuunllca. v $;- 4 ‘ pa
"Wu wan«ed «u mr1kallfI1l1ioxtlmm," Mlkc ~ald. "we gave , - 5, 4
away ha«., knlvL‘~ anrl John Deere dona«ed a hea«er «ha« we .;; L ' A s‘
gave away a. a door pnze we kep« drawrng [ox rluor pnzL‘~ , - .’ ' _

all day. I've been a par« of prpehne .a«e«y mncllngs, and «ha«. _(,_ . . ,_ '- f
how «hey kept «he gmup lnlL‘rL‘~lL‘d." *'  _ I . . I
If yuur (minty or buslnnsi r. lnlurcsmd ln hnstlng a sare«y Day, g I .
Contact your rcg|()n’~ damage prcvcntlon moxdlnator. They ' , . I
can aho put you ln «uurh wr«h Mlkc slade for de«arh on how 325 Lavsoll Sr

he madn Furre.« County'~' Safcly Day ~u aIlcCcs~ful. 5 y_,(g.,,,,, M , r,..,r,;r ‘_ ‘ / , , ‘ y ,

601 372 9536

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