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Declslon Makmg
as« yearl wmtc an arliele Mlmmum runway length .s longer but beeause some «h.ngs (t.1knoff~ for
abou. airplanes and p.pelines for we. n.nways beeause .. harder examplc) happen oflcn does NOT mean
l.ike au«omob.les, «rueks and «o ~tnp an a.rplane on a we« runway «hey sho..ld be «aken fox granted. Yes
«rams, a.rplanes and p.pel.nes Mlmmum runway length .s also longer 99.99".» of all lakeoics are more or less
are essennal «o soe.e«y as we know for redueed power «akeons beeause .« normal 7 ins. hke «he oyerwhelmmg
i. .n «he unned s« All demand «akes longer to reaeh flylng speed rr mayomy of exeayanuns when a one eall
respee. Thrs mornmg lwas reading an less power .s used. The co-pilot was «ieke« has been ealled .n, underground
ar«.ele about avlatlon deeis.on making splnnng hairs be-«ween "damp" and u«.l.«.es have been properly marked,
wnllen by a re«.red pilot w.«h "wet." H.s ohans only appl.ed «o and good exeayanon praehees applied
over zsmu hours in the a.r. Hrs name "wet" runways Sduff srmply asked But .r some« bad happens, «here
rs Barry Sduff and he has au«hored .he quesuon; "What would you say mos. l.kely w.ll be an .nyes«.ga«.on and
ovex 1,300 ay.a«.on arneles (ln ease poss.bly llllgatlon.
f“ “" ‘““"°"““’ ”‘“"‘ “"°“‘ ""097 Do you wan« .o be «he one Lha|1m~'tn as a p.lo« and my f.1Lhex had hrs ,, ,,
, y , » e A cxplmn «he dlffemncn between damp
pilot s heense when l was very young. I  I, . I, and “WSW
one of my dad's favontz say.ngs was, '3 I i’? *
"Thlnk before you do soml:LhIng."' lam - * By «he way, l have a pnrfecl reeord as
all'l1U~(PUMliVE «ha« he was not « 5 £1 a p.lo« Every |im£l}mvct.1kcn off,
abou« p.pel.nes or a.rplanesbu« l am V. m a ac} lhaye landedl AND lhaye walked
posmvz that .« was, and .s, excellent V ’ 5 " V away AND «he a.rplane was no« l« «o .us« abou. eyery , damaged. Even «hough l have landed
human actlvlty and really h.«s home ,7? V G I H «housands of umes, l assure you .ha.l
w.«h respm to «he ay.n«.on dee.s.on , ‘ "‘ pay lo«s of auenuon «o landmg safely.
makmg Scluff desenbed.) Anyway, .n .
 HOW gafe 5'32:2:3:;::::.>'f:.:‘:s::;"::;i"
co— do. were .n lo «ake off .n a BIG V ‘ »
a.rl'.’ner. ln .he "old days" b.g a.rl.ners w   fr‘) b°‘°‘“- “E SAFE 0'" THERE“ I
alwaysiulltntakcoff. [333 35a 53
Tha« was «hen Now, reduced power -" ? Iol... rrmrd from PHMSA rmd .s rllrmllly
ean, under eer.a.n e.reums.anees, be Prrsldclll o/l>.pel...r S_|/slmn Cam;lh—
used to save ruel, reduee and ~avc aare rmd Dpemllmla snmers far c2 Plzrl—
wear and «ear on expenswe .e« eng.nes ans, LLC. Emml /al... [lzcnbl(r0g2—ls.mlu
Tl.ere are extremely de.a.led charts att1\c1\2aung?" What hearing? The
«ha. address «he proper eond.«.ons for Nanonal Tmnsporlatlon Saicty Board
«ake ons in airliners. l-ower se.«.ngs, heanng «ha. w.ll oeeur if some«
conlml semng, lakenfl weight, wind happens and we damage «he a.rplane ,7 5 , 1 ,8, 2, 3
speed, w.nd d.ree«.on, gusls, runway or somebody gees hur. 2 9 4 3 1 7
mama ne..,...u,~o..,aa.a 2 am!
A e.-.«.eal safety eous.dera«.on for you eould slop .us« as quickly on a :: E 
takeoff .s whetlmx «here .s enough damp runway as on a dry runway?" 3. g Hanan
runway left to abort «he takeoff .r where .s «he between ”d.1mp” and 3 2
so.r.e.h...g goes wrong. If not, an "wet" or between ”dr1mp” and ’’dry’’? g 9, BEBE
a.rl.ner eanno« «ake off. wha«« go mink hm made my Pam HOW Mk 2 flflflflflfl
wrong and when also raelors Into «he _ — _ 5 7 5 9 3
. ,_ .s sale? The ~hurl answer — espeerally , 2
equauon. Sthlff s eo-p.lo«‘ was worned If mmhmg lmppm 7 N NUT SAFE 3 3 1 2 7 9
beeause «he runway was damp. ENOUGH”
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