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CenterPoint Energy Recognizes Vannguard Utility Partners for
Top Performance in 2022 at Annual LocateC
  CenterPoint headquarters in Houston, Texas
Partner Summit
enterPoint Energy hosted its second annual Contract Locator Vendor Summit in Houston, TX. The event
brought together key leaders from each of CenterPoint’s locating vendors from across all regions. The vendors met with CenterPoint team members to discuss policy, procedures, and metrics in place to strengthen quality line locating, excavator education,
and overall performance to keep our communities safe.
Shane Alexander, Director of Damage Prevention, Public Awareness and Meter Reading, opened with CenterPoint’s Damage Prevention mission and goals for 2023. By analyzing data trends, CenterPoint plans to identify risks and create plans to mitigate those risks as we meet the increasing demands of line locating.
The 2022 Locate Vendor of the Year was awarded to the Vannguard Utility Partners team for their outstanding performance of all the locate partners for that year. CNP has specific metrics in place to highlight damage prevention efforts across the communities we serve. “Our locate partners are key ambassadors in our damage prevention efforts, and we are happy to recognize those that excel,” said Alexander.
“Our customers value quality, on
time performance and the team at Vannguard is honored to be recognized as the top performer,” said Randy Bern, President & CEO of Vannguard. “CNP has established an industry standard for damage prevention that enables us to manage and maintain quality locates.”
The group also reviewed damage data by work type to understand which audiences need further messaging to improve damage rates. Each month the locate vendors share their performances with CenterPoint, which allows CenterPoint to create dashboards and scorecards that analyze the data. These tools help create visuals and metrics that are easy to understand from a vast amount of data. Moving forward, the Damage Prevention team plans to share this data with vendors more frequently so that everyone involved can monitor damage prevention rates and make an impact in their region.
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Left to Right - Shane Alexander, Steve Greenly and Randy Bern

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