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to Mississippi’s Dig Law To Go Into Effect
July 1, 2023
Many of you who attended the Mississippi Damage Prevention Committee (MDPC) meetings across the state and who worked together to create a proposed legislative agenda were rewarded recently when Governor Tate signed SB2102 into law. The changes will take effect July 1, 2023.
While some were disappointed that white-lining references were removed from this bill, much progress was made toward continuing the discussion for future legislative initiatives.
Here are the changes that will go into effect July 1.
1. The pre-excavation notice period was moved from 2 working days to 3 working days. This means locators now have 3 working days to locate utilities and that the excavator must now call in at least 3 working days prior to start of excavation.
2. Reducing the time for utilities to locate unmarked facilities from 4 hours to 2 hours. Excavators who in the past when recognizing unmarked utilities in the job site, had to call in a no response ticket and wait 4 hours, beginning July 1 must wait 2 hours before beginning work if they follow the dig law. Utility and their locators must be aware of the reduced time to locate a no response ticket.
3. False emergencies will become enforceable offenses beginning July 1. Also, there was created a new impending emergency ticket. The impending emergency ticket means the utility will begin work in a shorter time than a routine ticket but not before 12 hours. This gives the locator the option of not having to
make a tough decision about leaving a job unfinished to rush to an emergency ticket called in. All these amendments will be discussed in depth in subsequent issues. Or you can call one of the Mississippi Damage Prevention Coordinators for more information.
4. One other change was made to the bill in committee that was not part of the MDPC proposed legislation. While the MDPC didn’t lobby for it, they also didn’t lobby against it. The amendment allows an operator to collect reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in lawsuits filed as the result of enforcing compliance with the dig law. If you want to view that section, look at 77-13-7(4).
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