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Sam Johnson
Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of the 2023 Mississippi 811 Magazine. As has been the tradition for the magazine, this first issue is focused on pipeline safety. We are reminded of our shared responsibility of keeping Mississippi a safer place to work and live.
The Mississippi 811 Magazine was created with you in mind. This year begins our 15th year of keeping our members and users in the loop about what’s going on in the Mississippi world of damage prevention through our magazine. Articles outlining new software, new services and changes in the dig law. And then there were the many stories about the people who were making a difference in our industry. That may have been some of my favorite articles.
Most of you are aware that Mississippi’s Damage Prevention Council (MDPC) reconvened this past year and put together a proposal to present to our legislators in this year’s session.
Look for the article in this issue that outlines their proposal. Hats off to the MDPC for their hard work in crafting potential legislation that had many perspectives to address.
Record call volumes have been established each of the past three years. It appears that we’ll break
another call volume record again this year. We anticipate another record in part because of the increased workloads created by the infrastructure bill passed by Congress in 2021, but also with the maturing of Mississippi’s enforcement program. Stakeholders are utilizing their right to submit an AVR when they believe a violation has occurred. The number of AVRs submitted has increased each year. In this issue, you can take a quick look at the comparative enforcement statistics as presented by the enforcement board.
We truly appreciate those of you who have supported our damage prevention efforts through advertising in the 811 Magazine and many of you have been with us since the beginning. You have made it possible for us to communicate with our members regarding issues of importance to them. Your support has been invaluable in helping us keep the “call before you dig” message in full view of our stakeholders, many of whom are also your customers.
We look forward to a busy and exciting year of working with you to protect our families, communities and vital infrastructure.
Thanks for all you do!
Sam Johnson
President Mississippi 811
  2023, Issue 1
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