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Sam Johnson
Mississippi 811 is fortunate to be led by a great Board of Directors! Since 2007, Jay Street has been an integral part of that leadership team. Jay announced his retirement from Kinder Morgan and the Mississippi 811 Board effective August 1. I wish Jay and his wife Cindy all the very best, happy travels and fun times with the grandchildren.
Have you signed up for the Damage Prevention Summit yet? The Summit is going back to the IP Resort in Biloxi. Last year the sessions revolved around enforcement activity for violation of
the state’s dig law and I’m sure you can expect more of the same. Sessions are currently being developed based on feedback from attendees. I understand there are already people signing up for this annual damage prevention event. Given the potential for changes in upcoming legislative sessions, the Mississippi is fast becoming a must-attend event.
It is scheduled for November 2, 2022, through November 4, 2022. You check it out by going to You might consider signing
up now to get the best deal.
Let me mention one more thing that will happen in conjunction with the Summit this year. The enforcement board has committed to providing scholarships for the all-day locator training that is taught on the first day of the Summit. Look for specific details in this issue of the magazine to take advantage of this opportunity.
The MDPC has banded back together to discuss the impact of enforcement and for potential changes to the law in upcoming legislative sessions. Already regional meetings have been held in Pearl and Biloxi
to discuss these topics. On August 9, the group convenes at the Northcentral EPA office for another discussion driven by stakeholder feedback. I hope you have been able to get involved in the conversations.
The Mississippi 811 team works hard to keep you informed. The Damage Prevention Managers are on the road and ready to provide training to your employees or perhaps you have a specific question for them, if so, just reach out to them. Additionally, they are heavily involved with conferences across the state. Take a moment to stop by their booth and let us know how we’re doing.
Our CSRs and GIS folks look forward to helping you be safe one ticket at a time. And there is a lot of exciting technology that we are about to introduce you to. These are busy times, but they are filled with opportunities for positive change!
Many thanks to our growing number of supporters in this magazine. If you are trying to reach the excavators in Mississippi; this is the publication for you. If you haven’t made the decision to advertise with us yet, I hope you will reconsider and give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!
Call 811 before you dig. Remember, it’s not just the law, it will always be the right thing to do!
Sam Johnson
President Mississippi 811
2022, Issue 3
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