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When you get a job from a major construction company, they will require a Certificate of Insurance with certain specific language, and you will not begin work until they get it. This specific language is what you may have to add to your El Cheapo policy: Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, Blanket Additional Insured, the list goes on. And on. And, by the way, there’s a charge for each item added. And, by the way, there’s my personal favorite — “the company won’t add a Blanket Waiver...” Well, now what?
That policy you thought was cheaper just became much more expensive when you get through paying for those additional coverages for that one job like it all year is going to require. (No, you can’t remove it later, either, and get a refund. And no, you didn’t price for it, either, did you?)
But one of the most critical things you want to be absolutely certain is not contained in your policy is the dreaded XCU – Explosion & Underground Collapse. That means, basically, no coverage for excavation if underground lines are damaged. If you are doing excavation, you’re not covered if this Exclusion is present. (And if your policy is written through El Cheapo Company, Inc., it will definitely be in there!)
Let’s assume you don’t have that XCU exclusion – you’re all good, right?
Did you call 811? Get a ticket? Wait the required time? Dig carefully? If so, yes, you are basically good to go.
If you failed to call 811 in compliance with your state law, and you hit a line and get billed for the damages (rather than blown up!) —you will probably have to come out of pocket. Most states now have laws requiring that you call and get
a ticket. If you are in violation of the law, your insurance company will view this as “expected or intended,” and nope, they won’t pay. Companies are getting more and more sensitive to these laws as they get put on the books, so don’t be surprised if your adjuster has a whole new set of questions for you on his checklist.
Did you call, but dig before the required time
was up? Nope –they won’t pay. Same reason. That waiting period is for all of the utilities to be able to mark their lines where you have indicated that you will be digging. So, if you didn’t allow them time
to mark their lines and you hit them — get your checkbook. (If you dig where they are assumed to be, but are not marked yet [the operative word] you can see where it might be “expected,” can’t you?)
If you do what you’re required to do, and IF you have a policy designed for what you do, you will be covered. A VW Beetle will never, ever turn into a Cadillac at the time of an accident.
Every job, every time.
CenterPoint Energy training is focused on making sure your leadership and field personnel understand the 811 state laws, safe digging best practices, and other tips to help your projects be completed damage free without the delays and expenses of cutting a natural gas line. Most importantly, it is critical we cover how to stay safe in the event of a cut natural gas line.
Our training also covers the steps to prevent natural gas ignition, explosion, and inherent risks should blowing gas from a damaged pipeline occur in your community.
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