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Kingbrook Rural Water
System is located in South Dakota. Serving over 5,300 customers throughout 11 counties spanning the state, Kingbrook owns and operates nearly 3,000 miles of water pipeline.
Like many rural water systems across the country, Kingbrook was faced with the challenge of a 39% increase in ticket volume due to rural fiber projects happening near their assets. Their leadership and field personnel had limited insight into the total number of tickets received and managed monthly. Administrators emailed all tickets and used a service area map to manually assign them to locators. Due to this increase, the team at Kingbrook needed to implement a locate management solution that provided a significant increase in automation so that they didn’t have to add additional staff. After researching options, Kingbrook Rural Water worked with KorTerra
to alleviate these organizational challenges.
The results were almost immediate. After originally believing they might
need to add two new locators to support a 39% increase in ticket volume, KorTerra empowered Kingbrook Rural Water to support this increase without needing to add additional staff. By leveraging KorTerra’s facility mapping data that enabled the effective screening of tickets where their assets were not at risk, the team was able to save 50 truck rolls per week on average. Considering that each truck roll costs $364 on average, this was a huge financial savings for their organization. Beyond this, the back-office team was able to save 400+ hours of administrative time which had historically been spent on processes such as printing, dispersing, and having to dig through files for legacy ticket information. The ability
to understand and analyze their data in real-time has been the catalyst for increased efficiencies. The Kingbrook Rural Water team is empowered to maximize the timeliness and accuracy of their locate management processes while simultaneously minimizing
the risk of damages and the negative implications of those damages to their customers.
By utilizing KorWeb, Kingbrook Rural Water benefited from elevated reporting capabilities and increased workflow insights almost immediately. They were able to streamline operations and processes in the field and the office and finally, were able to eliminate many
of their manual administrative tasks by using the automation built into KorWeb.
Erin Hayes, General Manager with Kingbrook said, “I’ve always been a firm believer that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. The automation and reporting capabilities we’ve gained since implementation have already provided tremendous value to our organization.”
We would agree that a 30% reduction in truck rolls costing approximately $364/ roll which translated into avoiding 200+ unnecessary field visits monthly and saving 400+ hours of administrative time annually is worth the time to check into for your operation.
Contact KorTerra to learn more about maximizing efficiency – sales@korterra. com
Ticket Management Creates Huge Savings for Rural Water System!
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