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Is your company looking in the right spot to increase profit? I’m going to show you the right spot. The content I’m going to discuss is the reality of the business world and should be addressed if you are serious about increasing your net profit.
Do you spend more of your training budget to improve technical or interpersonal performance? I know the answer to that question as thousands
of employees over the years agree
the answer is technical. It has been estimated that up to 90% of training dollars are spent to improve technical performance. Here’s a sad story. While you are training to improve technical performance, people issues in your company decrease your operational efficiency by as much as 25%. Yes decreases ( )! And, I’ve had companies tell me they believe their loss is closer to a whopping 50%. Think about
the asymmetry – interpersonal issues are burning through your money
every hour of the day, yet training on interpersonal performance may get
10% of your training budget. Consider one more fact – your people represent your most underdeveloped resource
as people only use about 10% of their potential! You are going to see what
employees’ interpersonal behaviors maybe costing your company and I doubt that you will like the numbers.
Let’s begin our show and tell by examining the following illustration.
2. Those questions are followed up by, “who is responsible for exhibiting teamwork at your company?” And through their agitation with me announce employees.
3. “H’mm” I say. Then ask, “is there an ‘I’ in teamwork?” After I’m told “no”, I show them this.
And, everyone agrees that each employee makes the decision as to whether s/he will make a positive impact on teamwork or a negative one. So the string of your company’s net profit actually starts with each individual employee deciding to be an effective team member.
Keep reading and you will see the financial loss that is occurring every
day in your company. Many researchers have documented that people issues contribute to a loss of 20-25% efficiency
There is an i in Team
By Larry Cole, Ph.D. TeamMax
18 • Mississippi 811 2021, Issue 3
Whenever I ask employees, “how does your company make money?” Every person in class tells me about selling a service or product.
Then I ask the following questions:
1. “How does that happen?” “Is teamwork required in your company to sell a service or product?” You know the answer to that question.

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