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The truth of the matter is I’ve not smelled a fish that is beginning to rot to test this cliché that originated with the Turks in 1768. So, I’m assuming
it is true, but I do know that rotting fish stink! Another version that you may have heard is “the stink of the fish begins at the head.”
Now you’re wondering what this statement has in common with damage prevention. Actually, there are several commonalities.
Before talking about safety, let’s
address the rotting head syndrome
with humans. Understand that stinking thinking produces the stinky behaviors that others find offensive. All
By Larry Cole, Ph.D. TeamMax
of us will occasionally have stinking thoughts, but fortunately most of us control such thinking before adversely impacting interpersonal relationships. But, unfortunately, we don’t have to look very far before seeing episodes
of stinking thinking that negatively impacts us.
From the Head
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