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TEnforcement of Mississippi’s Dig Law
he protection of our underground infrastructure is really about public safety. Keeping our families and communities safe is at the heart of all damage prevention efforts. If the objective of fair and consistent enforcement is damage prevention, and damage prevention benefits everyone, then by default we find ourselves on the side of fair and consistent enforcement.
Fining someone for making a mistake just makes them angry and is neither effective nor fair. Enforcement of the state’s dig law is designed to change behaviors. And behaviors are changed through education and accountability – by educating all stakeholders to abide by the dig law and hold those who do not or will not change behavior, accountable.
To date in Mississippi, there have been very few fines issued for violations. Having said that there are some stakeholders who will likely find themselves on the receiving end of a citation that includes a civil penalty for violating Mississippi’s dig law in 2021 for being a repeat offender. Remember in Mississippi, the violations do not roll off your record for five (5) years.
Below is comparative enforcement data as reported to the Mississippi’s Enforcement Board in their March meeting. Should you have any questions in regard to this data or enforcement, feel free to email the Executive Secretary of the Enforcement Board at
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