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Sam Johnson
Welcome to the first issue of the 2021 Mississippi 811 Magazine. For those of you who are familiar with
our Magazine, you know that the first issue each
year focuses on pipeline safety. It is a reminder of our shared responsibility to keep Mississippi a safer place to live and work. And we’ve learned the best first step for pipeline safety is to call Mississippi 811 before you dig.
It is impossible to ignore the impact of COVID – 19. It’s changed the way we think as well as the way we work. Meetings have for the most part been cancelled or gone virtual. Technology advances have allowed many of us to work from home. While we read of businesses struggling as the economy declines, the construction industry in Mississippi continues to be robust. Our records show 2020 saw a double digit increase in ticket volume over 2019’s record year. Never has it been more important to dig safely in Mississippi than during this disruptive pandemic.
In this issue, there is an article that summarizes and compares the enforcement data for 2020/2019. Let us know how we can make this information more meaningful to you. The Enforcement Board has met virtually throughout 2020 and will continue to do so until travel restrictions are removed.
The Damage Prevention Summit in Biloxi was another success this past November. Even the pandemic was unable to stop the enthusiasm for damage prevention and public safety. Check out the Summit article and associated photos from this year’s event. Hopefully, all obstacles for attending will be removed in 2021 and we’ll see you in Biloxi for our 14th annual Damage Prevention Summit. Mark your calendars for November 3 - 5, 2021. It’s Mississippi 811’s Damage Prevention Tradition!
Finally, let me tell you how much I appreciate those of you who have chosen to support our damage prevention efforts through our 811 Magazine. Your company’s message has reached your target audience and at the same time, you’ve helped us communicate the vital “dig safely” message across the state. It has worked well because the people you are trying to reach are the same people we’re reaching every issue.
Dig safely!
Sam Johnson
President Mississippi 811
2021, Issue 1
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