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safety with stakeholders who have become close friends over the years.
The 2020 Summit became a teenager as we
also celebrated 13 consecutive events laying the groundwork for all underground utility owners/ operators to be members of Mississippi 811,
for electronic positive response and fair and effective enforcement, as well as other relevant initiatives. Part of what makes the Summit grow in Mississippi is that we aren’t afraid to share new ideas or perspectives.
Session ideas, coming from attendees who offer suggestions, have led to lively discussions and certainly 2020 was no different. The thing
that was very different this year was the face masks, social distancing, and the smell of hand sanitizer. All signs that we’re in this together.
A special thanks to all our attendees, sponsors and exhibitors who stepped out on a limb to make this one of the most memorable Damage Prevention Summits ever. It has always been about you and you kept it safe!
Mark your calendar for November 3 – 5, 2021. Neighbor, how long has it been since you’ve attended the Mississippi Summit?... Well, that’s too long! Hope to see you in Biloxi!
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