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Protect Your Safe Digging Reputation
Learn how to keep your crew safe, reduce damages, and improve your bottom line.
Global ESC VIRTUAL includes education from our LIVE event, and also offers its own diverse selection of education, access to the important product and service providers you need to connect with, and unique networking opportunities not found anywhere else. We deliver all the important elements YOU need in a virtual event.
For 16 years we have been dedicated to building the educational content the industry needs for the Global Excavation Safety Conference LIVE. NOW, we are pleased to offer a VIRTUAL option for:
• Stakeholders who need this valuable education but do not have the budget to travel to conferences.
• Stakeholders restricted from travel by company health-related travel bans.
• People who want to broaden their global network and learn from others.
Education sessions across
All the newest technology, industry professionals, and industry peers under one roof.
- Roy Crouch, Star Construction (LIVE delegate)
April 6-8, 2021 |
March 23-25, 2021 |
Education sessions across
all stakeholder groups
all stakeholder groups
Register by November 30 $550 Register by December 31 650 Register after December 31 750
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