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(mm the desk :7! 
elcome to the first issue of the 2020 Mississippi
Sn magazine. This issue is what we refer to as the
“pipeline satety' issuey reminding all or us of our
shared responsihility I0 keep Mississippi a saier place to
work and live.
it you were unahle to attend our Damage Prevention summit
in Eiloxl this past Novemher, you missed heing pan uf a
record turnout. This event is the place to he and you'll
certainly want to plan on attending the nexl one. it is not
too early to mark your calendars lor November 4 — E1 2:120.
It will bz held back at the 11'‘ Casino and Resort in Biloxl.
Thanks for your interest in supporting damage prevention
and Mississippi sit by supponing the summit.
Mississippi Sn has olficially relocated to 2:10 (Ioumry Place
Pkwy. Peat-L Ms sgaos. liecently we were joined by state
oiiicials Mississippi su leaders and other vlslmrs tor a ribbon cutting to mark the hig day. If
you haven. had the cipporlunlly to visit us yet, we hope you ll make plans to tour the facility
at your earliest convenience.
Keep on the loolrout (or information on our annual su Run. April it is the day and sham
is the starting time. i understand the starting location will be our new oiiices. More
information to follow.
our stairs goal is to make lace to fare contact with each or our nizmber companies in 2020.
we are very interested to make sure we have the lies! contacts ioryou. Additionally, we want
to hear trom you as to how we can better seiye you. we look ioiward to your ieedliaclr.
Finally, let me tell you how much i appreciate those oiyou who have chosen to support our
damage prevention efions through our Sn magazine. Your cornpanys message has reached
your target audience and at the same time. you'vz helped us communicate the vital “dig safely"
message across the state. it has worked well because the people you are Irying to reach are
exatlly the same people were reaching.
Dig saielyl
saru Johnson
Mississippi in
2020 issue 1 MlsslsslDD4511~1

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