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We Need Your Help Tlie nation's infxaslnnrlures,

High consequence Areas he gccopdgm WM, including pipelines. are _a matter of national securily. If you
federal regulations, some areas near pipelines liave lieen W-mess 5“5P|¢|°“5 aeIwV|ty 0" a lnlselme nzhtaofawayr lslease
designated as I-ligli Consequence Areas. For tliese areas. relsc-H H to the alnlnrolsr-ate a-Ihor-I-eVs as soon as Possible-
supplemental hazard assessment and prevention programs or yV°" {nay eall Ihe lnlsehne operators n"-hhers- Threat
lrnown as integrity Management Programs liave been developed. advlsones mayhe found at the Delnamhe-It of Homeland

ii a pipeline operator lias High Consequenre Areas, intormation Seeumys Website www-dhs-yov/dh:Pub1-c-

abuul tliese plans may lse available Ihrclugh tlieir soinpanys

vvelisite or liy sontasting tlie operators L‘-urpozate omees. Nationa. Pipeline Mapping System Fm
Thhere Isda W;-ieVIar-3; of P'i‘_°d“C‘5 iraV;1_|"g ;hre"gh ‘the iniormation abuul pipelines operating in your area, you

I o-san s 0 ml es 0 lsIl>e mes. every! me; “am gas 0' may eontatt tlie National Pipeline Mapping system (NPMS).
your oar to oxygen for hosl>iIals- Many of those products can This dataliase or pipeline operators and tire lucation of tlseir
be highly flammable. harmful if inhaled- ea-se eye or skin lines was designed {or tlie public Io have aeeess to runlacl
irrilafion or lsessihlv ea-se difficulty hrealhihg» Seme em-E information for pipeline companies operating in your are.
materials cuulrl sause environmental damage. Because oltliese This i,,;o,ma,;o,_ [an be pound a, ,,,,W,_,l,,,,,,_,,,,,m_,,,,,_
potential hazVardsV, it is important for our neighbors to lie alile to gm vim wwMP],m;g_duLgav/abaukphmstz/Iyfces/gficee
recognise a lnlsehne leak» pipe[irle—:11fer_y fur more information. For information on safe

excavation, go online and visit toiotnseivtirtongroitndtslllonse.

can Owners Build or Dig on a Right-Of- "0"" V _ V V V

way? pipgline ,;gh,5,,,;,my must be pep, {M from Awareness is tlne ltey Io preventing pipeline aeeidents. You can
stresteres and Dlher sistrastiens to provide  to tie contribute to the safety and sec-my oryVo-r no-sham-ood_ by
pipeline per mairlrerlanre, as well as in tlie event or an know-ng Vwho-e PV|l1V‘E1lI1?5 _are. and know-as how to -ocogn-zo
ernergenry. If a pipeline crosses your property, please do not una-th°rVI1e-i ask-V-iy or sgg-Is_ of a leak. as well _as how to V
plant trees or large shrubs on the zighl—uf—way. Do nul dig. respond "I |heVsase of a lnlsehne aeelde-It P|l>el-he somlsames
lniild, store or plaee anytliing on or near tlie rig11ts1>f—way ronmlue to smve to be good no-ghbors, and W5‘ hke any
witliout lirst liaving tlie pipeline eompanys personnel marlr tlne good nelghhefhoe-1 “faith lsrogram. nelghhofs look out for
pipeline or stake tlie riglits—oi—way and explain the eompany's sash Vo-then Jo-h In Wflh Ihe P‘P91"“3 e°ml>ames I0 keep our
sonstrnstion ana easement requirements to yuu. ram-1-es sate. .

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Would ou spend 5 cents 4*‘ l- 
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to talk to a excavator’? 9) ’ '-‘ ‘ *~ s <
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‘$55  *2‘-‘l. .\\._oE  I‘
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5‘ K9 \\"§.~.\\
Make it happen! 4%) V 
501-472-0115 , K . l
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