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BNew Enforcement Board Rule for 2023
eginning February 1, 2023, Enforcement Board (“Board”). and notify you and the Complainant a new rule went into effect Although it is not required, you are accordingly.
com, then click on the “Response” button below the slider image on the home page.
If you prefer to send your response
by mail, the address is Mississippi Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Board, 200 Country Place Parkway, Pearl, MS 39208. If you prefer to send a response by email, the address is enforcement@msdamageprevention. com.
You have the right to contest an adverse decision:
Should you ultimately receive a citation for a violation, and you disagree with the Board’s decision, you can contest the citation in writing within thirty (30) days of the date of the citation, in which case, the Executive Committee of the Board shall set a date to conduct a hearing of this alleged violation
that will have a positive encouraged to use this form.
Procedural questions may be directed to violator of Mississippi’s dig law. The link is www.msdamageprevention. Roger Cox, Executive Secretary at 501-
impact on an alleged
You will now be notified within
one working day that an Alleged Violation Report (AVR) has been filed naming you or your company as the alleged violator.
The notification will be in the
form of the letter below or email
(if we have your email address). The notification will include who submitted the AVR, what the alleged violation was, the date and location of the alleged violation and will include the ticket number (if known).
You have a right to file a written response within fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice. A link to an electronic written response form is provided below. This form is provided as assistance in preparing responses to the allegations submitted to the Mississippi
269-1000 or by email to enforcement@
Since the beginning of the enforcement program, many of you who received citations complained that you had no knowledge of the alleged violation until months after the incident took place. So, this new rule is a response to your concerns.
If you receive this notice of alleged violation, just remember that it is your chance to tell your side of the story.
The Executive Committee will make the determination based on the information they have available. The Response Form is online and will take only a
few minutes to complete. So, take advantage of this new rule and help the Executive Committee make an informed decision by sharing information that they may otherwise not consider.
Dig safe!
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