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Henry Greer retires after [1 56-year career in damage prcventiun and telecommunicatiuns
Ey Mrcazl Dnwnes
an Maeaaaes
as good as sam Johnson," Henry sard.
« — "He has been a fnend over the years,
and a boss over the xas-r zo years I
admue rhe man beyond memum.”
, _ _ Pnur to ymmng M5811, Henry soenr
‘ ; . - 20 of hrs so ears at 13:11 South as the
- dorms manager for mrdrue Mrssrssrppr,
, y -‘ handhng damage claxms when an
.0  ‘,3: Excavator damaged a Bell South facility.
- v r l w-.
‘- - . . 3- .- '1 drd the same dung wdh Ben South
 - _ - that I rhd wnh MI~s|s~1pp18l1,bulat
. , y u _ ._ H s; Mrssrs-srpprsn [d1dn’|lmvcm ask
_ - J:   J A peopie for money," he sard.
. _ , _ But rnyes-hgaung damage to
“.,_s . underground uuhnes is Lmly pan of
2! what Henry drd over me years Henry
helped rou out several rnrhauoes at
man Lhal have reeewed nauonwrde
"We s-harred roughly 40 damage
I » preyennon groups s-eanered lhzuuglmul
\' the sense," Henry mm. '1: rs a maner
of gemng eonnaerors, uhhues and
anybody who has a dog In Lhc fight In
, j get together and have a conversation
r and work to solve pzublcms. ws one
. — .- ‘ of Lhc most unroue «hangs we've done
over Dmc."
, _ He sard that several oLhcz s-cares have
lPlEkL‘fi|.Idpd‘\l1l~‘a|a~‘lPpllS rnodex and have
auno e amage oreyenuon (Dunn s-
wnh many of the same aunhures.
: Henry, along wnh hrs olhex damage
. pmvcnuun eoordmanors, was a1so a
- oroneer |n henorng M5811 map uhhues
Ihmuglmul the date and ereaung a crs
database of preers-e Ioeanons of Emma]
enry creer |sn’l an nlecmd After nearly 40 years -n damage infraatructum and couId|nr1les, sarong
ufficml, nor rs he a famous Pn‘v€nl|<=n and n 1091 of 56 ye-‘rs Ihn eau cenlex t11ouar1nd~ of dollars m
pubhe hgure. But |f you've wnrkmg W-I1‘ uulmcar Henry ta the proeess.
nv2r1\r1dlunr:h wnh lum m hanging up hnlmt »» ,,
Mrss-rssrppi, you'd easdy mrsnake lum ,0, ,1“ mom mm ""° 5°‘ "““' “‘°"‘ °“g'“°*“‘“g
for the rnayor, oz pnrhaps a rock  ‘ ’ ’ c°"-Pam “W ;“"‘°d 520'“; PE?
Henry, who rcumd from M5811 rn June °°““‘Y ‘° WP‘ 9 °““°/ W“ “Y W“

"One thing we noneed rs- you cr1n’l am 2,, mm as damp Pmmmm u would take night to m ynaxs," Henry

go anywhere In lhc stale wnhnul mldmém ,0, the mml mgm had sard ”We ducndcd we could do u

runmng Into someone who knows Pmvimly mud fro!“ Be“ smh bcttu "

hrru," s-ard Fmd ]o1\n~on, M|s~'1~'s|ppI ,

311 operauons manager. '1: you go to a "' 1999 hm" h“ °“'““ ‘° “°’'‘ M W““1“‘P“°‘“ “ 5”” W‘ ”‘° ‘’“‘‘‘’“E

h» fnend Sam Iohmnn, prmdent of of Lhe M5811 board, Henry and Lhe two

place to cat m town, ergln umes out of M5811 Lh «

10, someone wru come up and ~pcak to ' ° 6! <‘§";fS° P’°V“““‘f“ ‘°°_’dL"“‘°“

hm. and ,ay}.,_~ '1 worked for a lotoipuoplc ouerrny n-app; I cent‘-re amt -nu-Mt rot

career, bull never worked for anybody and 3 H1‘ ytnm
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