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S from the desk of
eleome to another issue at the Mrssrssrppi 311
Wmagazrne. A speclal thanks to all of you who
I211 us you now look torward to reeeivrrrg the
magazine. Because at your ieedbaek, we lhrnk wv:’\‘v:
included the topics you are most rnterested rn readrng The
entoreement summary rneluded rn eaeh rssrre rs one that
seems to be ot rnterest to most all our readers. Thanks [or
your rnput and let us know what else we ean do.
It seems hard to belreve, but we are already lookrng ahead to
the 2019 Mrs-srssrppr Damage Preventron summrt. laeeause
the event outgrew our last loeatron, the summrt rs movrng
lhrs year to the [P Casrno Resort rn Blluxl. You need to mark
your calendar tor November 13 — 15, 2019 The sumrmt
wrll eontrnne to loeus heavrly on the rmpaet ol the new
entoreement seetron ol our drg law However, there arelot.s
ot sess-rons and networkrng opportunrtres rn addrtron to
entoreement. To lear-n more or to regrster early go to rrrrtrrtr.mrss1ss1,rpr.darrragepremrtronsrrvrvrit earn 1
hope to see you there:
The Mrs-srss-rppr 811 Run (our annual event promotrng National sate Drggrng Monthl ]II~l gets brgger
every year. cheek rt our rn thrs rss-rre.
Congratulatrons to sammy Iordan on hrs retrrernent. sammy has been an outstandrng trrend and
proponent tor damage preventron tor many years In addrtron, he has served wrth drstrnetron
on the Mrss-rss-rppr 311 Board of Drreetors. Although he has retrred fmm the Crty of Pontotoe, he
wrll continue to work as a eonsultanl rn the same rndustry, whreh qualrfies hrm to remarn on the
Mrss-rs-srppr 811 Board ot Drreetors tor a whrle longer and that’s good tor all ol Mrssrs-sippr.
Be on the lookout tor our new brllboards. lt rs pan ot Mrssrssrppr sll’s 2019 eampargn that wrll locus
on rnstant reeognrtron of Mrs-srssrppr 811, the need to call 811 betore yon drg and the goal of zero
rnrurres and zero damages Let us know rt you spot one ot the brllboards and what you thrnk about
the eampargn
Remember, rt rs up to us to make rt happen! And the goal rs zero rmurres and zero damages!
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2019 lssue2 Mlsslsslpw 511 . 1

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