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from the desk of
ul9.. a new year bnng~ wrth rt new epportttnttres
and tltrs year starts off wtth cxcmng news. Rerently
Mtssrsstppt B11 eompleted tlte purehase of a more than
18,000 square foot butlelrng located in Pearl at 200 Country
Plare Parkway
The locztlon will be easy to aeeess and the size of the
taerltty will allow us to proyrde more bener'-rts tor our
members-. Remodeling rs laklng plaee now. our plan rs
to move the call eenter rn r’-rrst, tollowed by the balanre of
our start. we're looktng to tnvtte you to our official grand
epenrng rn tlte upremrng montlts Be Iuoklng fur the
tnyrtatron soon
In thrs rssue oi the magazrne, there rs an arttele that wtll
summarrze entoreement data for 2012;. Thts wrll became a
regular qlmrlcxly arttele. Let tts know how we ran make
thrs rntormatron more meanrngtul to yott.
The Damage Preyentton summrt tn November was a huge
sueeess-. Tlte reeord settrng attenelanre and everrlewrng
exhtbrt hall eonvtneed us tltat we needeel to find a btt more
room for the next event. we are booked back on the eoast for 2019. Tlte loeatron rs at the IP and you
shoulel mark your ralenelars for November 13 — 15, 2019 The fmdback (mm attendees was over-the
mp posttrye and they've Cunvlncnd us that we're on the rrght trark. It you haven't attendeel one at
these Damage Preventren sttmmrts, you really need to eensreler rt a must-attend event tn zlll9
A speeral thank you to all the nxhlbllors and sponsors of the event that makes rt happen. wrthout
your partrerpatten, we srmply rouleln't pull tltrs off Plannlng for next year's event rs already
underway we hope yott'll plan to be baek wrth us tn Blluxl.
Thanks agarn to all the adyertrsers tn our 811 Magazrne. Your support allows us to promote damage
preyentton tn a ttnraue way aerass the state Rest assured, thrs magazrne rearhes the talks you hope to
reaelt and that's a wrrt/wrn for all of tts
Let me glvc you a prevtew at thrs year's topres. A~ you ean tell, the theme at thrs rsstte ts rrpeltne
Safety Tlte seeond quarter rsstte wtll fucu~ on eross bares and the dangers they present. Then the
thrrd quarter wrll look at leadersltrp development and its tmportanre to our rnelustry and the last
quarter louk~ at new terhnelegy and what rt brrngs to the table.
And finally, let me tell you about one of our goals at Mrsstssrppr 811 thrs year It rs 0 damages and
utmttrres our plans are to tneorporate thrs slogan tn a lot oteur adyertrstng. You’ll begtn to see
rt pop up rn plaees all over the state. Help tts look for rt and more rmpertantly, help us aehreve ttl
Remember 0 damages and 0 rnturres begrns by makrng that call to 811. The new matlt tn Mrsstssrppr
thrs year rs 811:0
It rs golng to be an uxcmng year. Let's work together to keep Mrsstssrppr a safer plare tor our tamrltes
and {trends to lrye and work.
Don't torget to rall betore you drg.. Every trme beeattse 811 : 0 damages and 0 rmut-res.
Sam ralrrrson
I’r:~1llt'nf 311
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