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otlung rs as prenou. a. a slare 7 and an addiuonal also or .-o maluxity of rural waler drsrnels do
I eommodrry that you can’l small munrnpal syslem. that amn’l parunpare. B111 e.umaled more lhan
el. And waler ro s lhal ll~I counted rn lhal number 800 ol Ihc a rorrmalel 1 10110 rural
. S P d (‘PP I 1
1 For lhe la.l eenlury, mosl "Rural developmenl groups would gel P""" 2“ ° P“"‘“P“"‘
Ameneans have laken lor granred logerher and form an assoeralron ha.ed Mrs.-r.slpp. 311 also eonduels oulreaoh
nmmn waler al lherr homes and on slale re lalron. 7 lhere ml lbe Io rural waler rovrders, redomlnantl
E 1:“ P P y
' busrnesse. ln Mr.-s.s.rppr, mueh of yusr 20 houses In ~tr1rl wrlh," Blll .ard lhrough regronal damage prevennon
' lhal waler llows lhrough rnlrasrruelure ol lhe genesrs ol many of lhe.-e syslem. eounnls. The eounerls provrde a forum
rnslalled, owned and marnlarned by deeades ago. ”Tl\ey would borrow lor member organrzalron. ln lhe ulllity,
rnde mdunl rural waler drsrnels and mone for a well and lank and a. lhe ereavauon and eon.lrueuon .ndu.lrre.-,
Pt 1' 1'
small mumerpal .y.lems 7 many ui grew, ll would expand the .y.lem wuh along wuh olher .-lakeholders to
which dale bark more lhan 100 years. more wells, more ranks." eome logelher and work through
-. . d . .- l . kee
Those syslems dehver elean, relrable That preeemeal expansron led lo some    P
dunklng waler lo Ihlzlz small ol1oday'.- ehallenge. ln rural water. As ’ ’ PP ‘ ’ _

. relrable uulrnes Lhroughoul lhe srale.
eommunrues whreh are rrequenlly lhe.e sysrem. grew, mo~t ol lhe hne. There M” an H from 0! mm”, Em‘
lrmrred ln srze by lcnaln and w2mn'l mapped. There wr1~n'l mueh ’ P ‘ ’

lor a rural warer provrder lo became a
geography, aeeordrng lo El1lRulk‘dgC, need lo keep rraek of lhe lrnes bark mcmbfl of M58“ mmmg to H but
«he new pre.-rdenl of lhe Mr..-.s.rppr lhen 7 rural developmenl, new uulrry ' '

«here are nomrnal lees lor eaeh loeare
Rural waler As.-oerauon, who rs al.-o rn.-lallanons and orher dr.-ruplrons were mm mama m dm dhmfl
a damage prevennon eoordrnalor lor rare And rhe waler drslrrel manager 3 ’ ‘
rural waler and publre works wlth knew lhe syslem llkc Lhe baek ol hr. "Snmv: of lhl: lugge.r number. of non-
MSB11 hand He lrkely rn.lalled mosr of lhe member. lo M5811 are rural waler

hne. lum.-elr and knew where eaeh drsrnels," Blll sard ”A lor of «he board
But when lhal warer .lops flowlng due ,
valve and prpe was. member. don the lraluluy

to damage lrom cxcavauon, everybody ‘ht ,m hold,“ 7 ‘mm W m mm
nolrees 7 and qurek But Lhrough atmllnn, mueh of rhar mggbmlu /IE ’ ‘ q

,, knowledge has been losl. And lodav, P’

one of the brggesr problem. _._ _ — _
rural Mr.s.ssrppr r. boomrng wlth Ihc lzrll .ard Lhc rea.on for waler provrders
lhroughoul Lhc .-rale ln any rural waler
. , rn.-lallanon of eable and fiber opue Io mauuarn memberslup ln lhe
sy.-lem rs people who are drggrng don I
eommunreanons lrnes along erowded 811 svsrem rs «hey are «he eenrral
‘“‘P““ “"“°’ “‘ “W 4" “’“h ““°"“' nghlsaui-way. Acontmclor rnslallrng elearrnghouse for all of the dala rn Lhe
ga. or eable," Elll sard. "They Iakl: the
N M “h I, I, I V I  new uulrue. ,u.-l a lew mrles along a srare. so, rr someone drgs, MSB11 know.
A “ ‘ ‘ “ ‘ ‘ °“ > W" °" highway eould run lhrough several who lo eall to .ave Lhe waler provider
| whrle a ullllty srrrke tn warer may dlffumnl waler drslrrers downnme.
“°‘ b“ “’ ‘""“"d““°‘Y }‘“"‘“°“’ ‘° "we do our he.-1 to nolrly ever vbod 1 "You h'lvL‘ 1 number of . v.rem.
ereavarors as a hrgh pre.sure nanrral K ’ ’ ‘ ‘ ’ ’
whelher Lhcv re a member ol lhe M5811 bclng operaled by one person, or one

ga. lure or hrgh volrage eleernerry lrne, 1

‘h H ‘h V _ M‘ syslem or not, but It .ull r. hard on eompany handlrng 12-15 waler syslem.

‘ “map”: I“ §°"f"‘““l""’ " lhe eonrraelors," Elll sard. ”A lot of Eaeh one of lhose ~y~tl:ms needs to be a
““"“ '“ “ —" "“ ‘“"’“‘ Y’ rhe.e sysrem. mrghl not know whal member,’ he said rve made a promrse,
"Wale: rs the only uullty lhal you've srde of lhe road rhe hne is on Many of as lhe pre.rdenr repre.enung needs of
gel to have to survrve," Elll sard. lhe long-nme manager. had u ln lherr warer a..-oerauon, ro gel eaeh and every
had» 1 ..5o 1}: L}: 1d d, d.-1 t b d/‘h .- d.

He knows how rmporlanl warer rs lo n:?m;;‘E“:\’:, LhQ“h:; W32 '2 " "“ °" °“' ° ‘a’

small eommunrne. 7 l\n’~ been ln lhe And bark m mm dab nobody was ~ll's not the Hal.‘-leld~ and Mecoys
waler bu.-mes. srnee 1971 and even Sam to bury a lmtmg mm m ‘hm anymore we are all workrng rogelher
managed a mml “.9, .y...c,,,,,.,1.a dud‘ ,, lo provrde ulrllues to «he Eu~'tumnr," Blll
pasl. unexpeeled damage and leaks ean ‘ added

eause ma,or headaches ro rural waler Mos: of lhe rural warer dr.lrrels in lhe Fm mm mm“ mm ~ mm‘ mm (W
sy.lems, many of whreh are marnlarned slale are pan of lhe Mrs.-rssrpp. Rural * * V’ ' *

of a memhershrp Io M5811 rs qultn low,

by yu.-1 one per.on, or perhaps .everal walerA.soe.anon, and several are mmdmn the bencfih

member. of lhe same iamlly members of M5811. Membershrp ln * 3 "

“N ‘ _ I k ‘H Y horh groups rs rmporlanl, beeau.e as ulrlmalely, the more eooperauon

Ch“ _"“““YdP“’Ff  "°‘i‘1 °":  col-nmunmes grow and more uulm-2. and dralogue lhal takes place among

‘ E‘ "l“f’k ‘!"‘“‘d':’3:}‘1‘d “Y” C: C“: d came m, havlng lhe supporlof an slakehulden, tlm bcttnrtlm :l\r1ncl:~

° " “ “‘ " ' “3 P“ '“°- " rnduslry assoeranon can help wltll eoslly and inconvenlcnl damage ean be

watlzhlng your krd play ball 7 beczlusl: dflmgn Pmmmm “med

your lir.—l oblrganon ls to rake eare of P

lho.e euslomers," he sard The Rural waler A.-soeralron provrde. laelween the Rural waler Assoerauon

"leadershrp, tmlnlng programs, and M5811, rural waler provrders

fut P!=\'=""l"shd;mas<’;° {ml Wink" leehnrral as....anre and .ernee.- to aeross the ..are have a plethora of
   must «he needs or all our s1ale'.- ullllty resourees avarlahle lo Lhem lo help

Th’ ~ gm » mm I V I member./’ aeeordrng lo lherr websue. prevenl damage, and keep lhe warer

‘"3 ‘“° "‘°‘‘ “" “W M “‘ Whlle Lhcrc are lees as.-oelaled wrlh llowrng lor Lhe next generauon
drsrnels lhroughour Lhc .rale of mnmbmmp m M‘ bad), the V“ I
Mrs.-rssrppl 7 more than any oLhcz
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