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from the desk of
eleorrre to the first lasue of the 2013 Mrssrssrppr
811 magazine. we welcome our firs! rrrne
adverrrisers rn thr.s lssue and we truly apprerrnte

Ihnsz of you whn have been wrtlr us [or many years,

some from the buglnmng. Yuu have made rt possrble

ter rrs to eornmrrnrente tu urrr members regnrdrrrg hauL‘~

of rmpurtanee to them. The magazlnc has alsu glvcn

u~ nrrotlrer uutlet supportrrrg the "Call Betere You Dlg"


Thrs rssue l~ what we reter to as the "plpclmc satety" rssue,

mmlndmg all ut us of uur slrnreel resporrsrbrlrty to keep

Mrssrssrppr n snter place te work and lrve.

lt l~ nut too early to mark your ealerrelnr tor the 2018

Damage Prcvcntlon srrmrrut to he held agaln at the Coldcn

Nugget rn Blluxl on Nevernher 7 — 9. Last year’s event set

reeerds for attendance and rrrterest lbelreve that the mcord
wrll be short lrveel r1~ there l~ nlrenely tolks wanlmg to knuw when to srgrr up fox the nod urre. I
would ask you tu mark ymlx ralendar, talk tu wlruever budgets for tralmng rrr your ergnrrrzatron
about attending and be on the luokmlt fur rrrtormatron commg to yuu suerr.
Be un the lookout tor our new enrnpargn thrs year. we helreve that rt we enrr Intmasc the number
cf tulle. rallrrrg 811 bclorc they dlg, rt wrll eleerease the nrrmber cf dr1mr1gL‘~ nrrel rrrrurres reported
rn our state and aeross the rratrurr. There l~ abwllllcly no reason why we shuuldn’t set n gual of
zen.» damages and zere |n]IIrlc~ for our state If we nrm tor rt, we are rrrure llkcly tu lut rt. so, wurk
wrth u~ rrr 2012; by rallrrrg 811 bclorc you dig wart the approprrare trme tor those math and then
respect them. Drg earetully heenrrse yurr are rrnportnrrt
one more thing Don't forget nbuut our 811 run scheduled for Apnl 14 Cadr prrzes, lot. of fun
and another rerrunder that rt pays te rall 811 betore you dig There are more details rn thr.s ls.suL‘,
su eheek rt out and plan tu be wrth us on Apnl 1-1
we luok forward tu a busy and nxcllmg year of working wrth yuu to protect uur tarnrlres,
communlucs and vrtal rrrtrastrueture
Thanks for all you do!

sanr Iohnsan
/\/h\~:~»:pp: B11
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