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S from the desk of
econl racket volumes, in growmg membership and
Rnew em,,u,t. on plotzctlng  underground
infrastructure ..ll has been both an Cxcmng and busy
first half ui the year.
I cummehcl the damagn pmvcntlon pttliemuuul. m
M|s~l~s|ppi tut theu wllllngnnm tu work logctlmx to bcllur
undnnland the |mpact of the new Cffcctlvc eulotcemeut
amendment to the law. A. you am uwate, lhnsn ettom
have been ongolng for more Lhan ughkyct1r~ln our .tate
whethet you Hm uwolyecl |n cxcavaung or locatmg, you am
the key to the s'utcc~s' ot kcepmg uut communmcs safe and
wlthout ymlx comuutmeut to quality, netthet ot yuu can be
M|a~l~alpp| B11 rccognlzcs Du! rcsponflblllty to all oi you
The ownrsn/upcmloxs, the Iucalom and the excavator:
olepeucl oh the .1:curacyandumcllnL‘~s' or data from uut
cuatumcx icxvlcc mpIL‘~cntatlvI:.~ (CSR~'). out cummltmcnl to you b Lhat we wlll hut be your
problem.’ we am available tu ptuvlcle the Information you need to be ~uccna~iul.1nd clu ll Wllh fl
amllle‘. ]u~l gwc us‘ a chance to do that by callmg all «Jr by chcklng ou the I"oxtt1lt1lwww.m~'2$ll.
Have you ugncd up tut the M|a~l~a|pp| Damagv: Pn:vL‘nl|()n Summlt yet? Thu year the sumuut
h to he held at the cololeu Nugget |n Blloxt. I expect duo summlt to he the blggust yet tot .1 lut oi
teawus. one ut them l. them wlll be ~L‘~‘s|()na tocu.~ed ou the nL‘wIcg|slt1l|un now m effect and us
Impact uu you I'm couholeut that you'll want tu he pt1rlOfw}Ial'~ gmng on.
The sumuut |S achcdulcd tot November 1, M7 through Noyemhet 3, 2017. You can check u out
by gomg tu u»u» But 1: l were you, I'd go ahead and
Mgn up uuw.
Many thanks‘ to our growing numbcr of ~uppuIlL‘r~ of l1'1l~ maguzme. whethet you are m the
retail sldl: of thts lnduatxy or |n the uullty uole lrylng to rCt1(h[0lk~ who can damagn your faclllty,
this l. the publication tu be m. lt machta the people you want tu reach. [I you h.weu't muole the
olecmou to advlsrlws wlth us‘ yet, I hupe you WI“ l'L‘EOnSldL‘r and gwc us a call You'll be glad yuu
Dig mlely . Isfimflhnson
/‘/KI\~I~»Ip}lI B11
2017, Issue 2 Mlssrsslpw an . 1

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